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The Futuro House was conceived by Matti Suuronen in 1968 as a "portable" ski chalet. It is an iconic piece of architecture and this site is devoted to documenting the history of the Futuro and the current status and whereabouts of the remaining examples. | Latest Site News & Updates

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Futuro Lake Eacham - The Cairns Post

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Update 071121

After adding this Futuro to this site yesterday we had a flurry of emails and messages.

First off we were able to make contact with Peter Carruthers of the The Cairns Post who was able to confirm the exact location; however he added that the owner had asked him not to publish that information and so we will also withhold the exact location here on our website (despite the fact that it is actually very easy to find and, as mentioned below, already available online - if you want to find it we are sure you will with not too much work).

Peter also confirmed that the Futuro had indeed been painted and that we were looking at a single unit as we thought yesterday despite the different colors in the photos.

Several others also contacted us to let us know that they had found the Futuro in Google Maps (as did we) and most interesting of all Serena sent us a link to a real estate site that listed the property (thanks for that Serena).

Since the property listing includes the address we are not going to include a link here but the content is very interesting. It notes that the property is currently "Off Market" but it also includes this:

"Last Listing description (November 2018)


This quirky split-level home is located in a quiet farmland setting and has only one neighbour nearby. With just one bedroom, it would suit a quiet individual or couple. The property features an open plan kitchen and living room, and has easy-care vinyl floor coverings. The large circular bedroom, located through the laundry area, has storage space, a ceiling fan and is carpeted. The amenities include a separate toilet, and a shower. There is also a patio area and a single carport.
Pets: Not Allowed
Rent: $200.00 per week
Bond: $800.00
Available: NOW
Term of Lease: Minimum 6 months
A rental application form is available from our website A complete application is required prior to inspections.

A search on the website referenced in the listing,, does not produce any current results for the Lake Eacham area.

The listing also includes this photo which shows significant alterations to the windows of the unit.

Real Estate Listing - Lake Eacham Futuro Photo

Original Information 071021

The information on the many pages of this website has been accumulated in two main ways; information people have chosen to share directly with us and information resulting from the many search strings, hashtags, websites and social media counts we monitor on a daily basis and today that monitoring gave us a newly re-discovered Futuro, one of the most exciting and rare events in the "Futuro World".

Peter Carruthers, journalist with The Cairns Post tweeted the cartoon by Harry Bruce seen below 071021.

Harry Bruce - The Cairns Post Cartoon

The cartoon itself was cool to see given it included a Futuro but it was this link included with the tweet that was most exciting!

The link led to a Cairns Post article titled "Lake Eacham Futuro House" by Peter Carruthers dated 070921. The article starts out this way:

"With fewer than 100 built during the 1960s and '70s, the still-standing Futuro house at Lake Eacham remains a testament to a post Cold War fascination with lunar and space exploration."

We quickly looked up Lake Eacham which turns out to be in Queensland, Australia and that piece of information along with the photos that accompany the article caused us to conclude we were looking at a Futuro previously unknown, at least to us that was, based on the quote, still around to this day. That was a major piece of Futuro news for sure!

Peter recounts some of the history of the unit:

"First National Real Estate Atherton principal Richie Cahill purchased the Lake Eacham property, on which the Futuro house was erected, from a well-known Department of Primary Industry researcher."

And he then goes on to tell us that:

"The previous owner, Les Barnes, an ergonomist with the old DPI, got it from (Western Australia) and it was erected by a local Malanda builder who was killed in the Mt Emerald plane crash, he said."

Peter also included the three photos below with his article; hope you do not mind us sharing them here Peter!

The first is described as a circa 1970's photo of a Futuro at Lake Eacham. The second is undated with a description that indicates the property was actually available for rent at one point. The third shows the entry of the Futuro "inside" the house to which it is attached.

Interestingly all three photos show a Futuro with a different color; have there been more than one or is it just another example of a Futuro that has had different colors applied to it over the years - we do not know though we think the latter is more likely.

We have not so far been able to find the Futuro in Google Maps or Google Earth; if it is still there then it should be visible but sometimes it is not easy to find them - obviously we will update this page if we do find the exact location. In the meantime if anyone has any more information or photos or can update or correct any of the assumptions we are making here please let us know.

The Cairns Post Cartoon - Lake Eacham Futuro Photos - 1

The Cairns Post Cartoon - Lake Eacham Futuro Photos - 2

The Cairns Post Cartoon - Lake Eacham Futuro Photos - 3

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Article in The Cairns Post dated 070921.

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