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The Futuro House was conceived by Matti Suuronen in 1968 as a "portable" ski chalet. It is an iconic piece of architecture and this site is devoted to documenting the history of the Futuro and the current status and whereabouts of the remaining examples. | Latest Site News & Updates

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A Gallery

A Different Perspective

The pages of this website display a large number of images of Futuro Houses and links to other images on other websites. Almost all of these are designed to illustrate the appearance and/or location of a particular unit and their merit purely as photos in their own right is typically not a consideration when determing whether to include or not include a photo on this website.

This gallery is a little bit different and is designed to showcase images featuring Futuro's that are a little out of the ordinary; the odd, the bizarre, the creative, the cool all have a place here. A Futuro may be paired with something, perhaps the photo features a different, unusual or obscure perspective, it's composition may be exceptional and so on. The thing common to all images featured here is that they are more than just a photograph of a Futuro, they are photographs that stand out as photographs in their own right and show "A Different Perspective"

If you have a photo that "fits the bill" let us know, we would be happy to add your photo to this page: you never know, you might end up being the proud photographer who took "THE" Futuro photo and earn yourself a little traffic to your photostream or web site along the way.

Latest Update(s)/Addition(s) ***

Alien Eyes

Futuro - Alien Eyes - Berlin?

"alien eyes" by jonas_k | Date 051707 | Location Berlin? | CC 2.0

A really cool "perspective" shot of the Berlin Futuro? This image is tagged as being Berlin but it also has the tag "guessedberlin" and I am not sure it is the Berlin Futuro. Every image I have seen of that one shows a Futuro painted white and yet this appears to be an image on one painted yellow.

Update 081212

It has been confirmed that this is indeed the Berlin Futuro. While the Futuro does appear to have a slightly yellow appearance in the photo this is a function of the lighting at the time and the angle the photo was taken from and the Futuro was actually white despite the slightly different color appearing in the photo.

Barbie älskar Sverige

Futuro, Orebro, Sweden - From The Book Barbie alskar Sverige - Posted To Twitter By fleursblog

"Barbie älskar Sverige" by fleursblog | Date Unknown | Location Örebro

This photo was posted to Instagram by fleursblog and is described as being from the book:

"... Barbie älskar Sverige. The spaceship is Matti Suuronen's portable "cottage" Futuro, designed in 1968, situated in countryside Sweden."

The book is described on the website in this way (Google Translation of Swedish text):

"Barbie loves Sweden is a hitherto unwritten part of the Swedish pop culture history but also a delicious roadtrip image that celebrates Barbie and the timeless Sweden, 50s and 60s modernism. The authors take Barbie to the tracks of yesterday, the architecture that kept and places that have remained untouched. For camera angles showing Barbie in her Swedish 60s."

The location of the shot is not identified other than the "countryside"; that said it is almost certainly shot in Örebro based on the color of the Futuro, appearance of the main roof vent and the fact that other then the Air Force units there are no other known Futuros in Sweden.

All in all it makes for a rather unusual Futuro photo.

Futuro & Smart In Maebashi

Futuro - Smart Car - Maebashi

"FUTURO & SMART in Maebashi" by Maniackers Design | Date 050509 | Location Maebashi

A meeting of late 20th century innovation and early 21st century innovation. So far the Smart Car seems to have been more successful than the Futuro - certainly in numbers though perhaps not yet in "cult" status. Going on what we saw on our last two visits to Europe they are everywhere and here in the US they are starting to show up more and more. Interestingly it was the high price of gas that was largely to blame for the fate of the Futuro and it seems likely that the high price of gas is at least in part responsible for the success of the Smart car.

It Started With The Landing Of A Spaceship

UK Futuro In Le Havre Summer 2018 Colorized By Mag.LH

"It Started With The Landing Of A Spaceship" by mag.lh | Date 062818 | Location UK Futuro (In Le Havre)

mag.lh recently posted this photo to Instagram. It is a photo of the UK Futuro "on assignment" in Le Havre summer 2018 that has either been taken with a filter or colorized later; whatever the means it offers a somewhat surreal look suggestive of it being a photo on another planet.

The photo is captioned (assuming Google Translate got it right) "It started with the landing of a spaceship"; presumably a reference to a "first contact" or perhaps an "earth invasion" scenario.

May The Futuro Be With You

Saint-Ouen Futuro - Entrance Detail & Yoda - retroamerican_store On Instagram

"May The Futuro Be With You" by retroamerican_store | Date 061116 | Location Saint-Ouen

Even the awesome Yoda could not resist getting a snap in front of a Futuro!

Perspective (2)

UK Futuro - Perspective - joelgourlain On Instagram

"Perspective" by joelgourlain | Date 090518 | Location UK Futuro (while in Le Havre France)

To us black and white photos always seem to be more atmospheric than their color counterparts and when they are also well composed they can be some of the best photos around. This photo by joelgourlain is a perfect example of what we mean and is one of our favorite photos of the interior of a Futuro.

Reflections (1)

Reflections - WeeGee Futuro

"Reflections" by lwsdm | CC 2.0 | Date 061212 | Location Espoo

lwsdm took a great set of photos of Futuro 001 now on display at the WeeGee Exhibition Center, Espoo, Finland. We particularly like this image which shows the Futuro only indirectly as a reflection in the exhibition center windows. One of our favorite Futuro shots.

So Now We Know

What? Aliens have fur, four legs and a tail!

"So Now We Know" by | Date 050312 | Location Livingston

Traditionally the proverbial "they" have mostly referred to aliens as "little green men". Clearly that is not the case; they have fur, four legs and a tail. We always figured that there was more to dogs than met the eye, they are too darn clever - perhaps all the time we spend training them is just a con and it is really them training us using reverse psychology. Seriously though this photo by Debra Jane Seltzer of her "kids" at the Livingston Futuro is a great shot. Debra runs the website which is a treasure trove of images from all across the USA - check it out. Debra also blogs about her experiences on the road trips she takes to collect her photographs; this photo is from one of her blog posts.


Sphere - WeeGee Futuro

"Sphere" by Christophe Brutel | Date 090212 | Location Espoo

Christophe Brutel took an awesome set of photos of Futuro 001 now on display at the WeeGee Exhibition Center, Espoo, Finland. Several use a filter to create a "spherical" appearance to the image and this particular image has become one of our favorite Futuro shots.

Sunrise/Sunset (1)

Futuro, Kauhava, Finland - Loviisa Honkola

"Sunrise/Sunset" by Loviisa Honkola | Date 021516 | Location Kauhava

We really enjoy a good sunset (or sunrise) and so this photo combines that along with our love of all things Futuro. No way to tell if this is a sunrise or sunset shot; in the end it really does not matter as it is a highly enjoyable photo either way.

The Church

Futuro - Church - Location Unknown

"The Church" sent to us by Achim Breiling. Thank you. | Date Unknown | Location Unknown

[Edit] Image source now identified. This great photo was taken by Roy DiTosti. This and other examples of Roy's very accomplished photography can be found at Roy DiTosti Photography. Roy tells me the photo was taken in Atlantic City, NJ around 1976.

The Futuro has seen many uses over the course of the last half century or so from banks to offices to homes; but how about a church? We have no idea where this photo was taken or if it actually was used as a church; who knows but it certainly seems possible. It is also worth noting that this is one of the few Futuro examples with half the number of windows than a typical Futuro has. The history of the Willingboro Futuro seems relatively well defined so it is possible that this is an image from the past of the Covington Futuro for which we have less history and which also features this configuration of windows.


Amazon By Alexandr Lebedev

"Amazon" by Alexandr Lebedev | Date 080619 | Location Unknown

This photo was posted to Facebook on 080619 by Alexandr Lebedev. Though there is no description or comment we are assuming it was "fashion related". That said if there were a "real and modern" equivalent of the Amazons of Greek Mythology we think they might very well look like this hence our titling this photo "Amazon".


gallegosnl - Spring

"Spring" by gallegosnl | Circa 2011 | Location Royse City

This photo of the the Royse City Futuro just shouts "Spring!" to us so we have chosen to title it that way though gallegosnl, who posted it to Instagram 040920, referred to it as "Area 276: The Safe Haven".


i.m.mctoddy - Neowise

"Neowise" by i.m.mctoddy | 072520 | Location Joshua Tree

July 2020 saw Comet Neowise make a swing past the earth; the comet will not return for some 6800 years. We took a trip out of the DFW Metroplex where we live to get away from the city light pollution to see the comet and it was very cool. However our view was nothing like this one captured 072520 by i.m.mctoddy with the comet in the sky above the Joshua Tree Futuro. Awesome photo!

Beyond The Veil

Futuro, Munich, Germany - Titled By Us Beyond The Veil - Posted To Instgram By 

"Beyond The Veil" by yogabymunich | 101420 | Location Munich

This great photo of the Munich Futuro was posted to Instagram by yogabymunich 101320. We have chosen to title it "Beyond The Veil".

The Piste

The Piste

"The Piste" by iceberg_dombay | 121420 | Location Dombai

We came across this rather striking photo of Dombai taken from the piste recently. The photo is by iceberg_dombay; the original, posted to Instagram 121420, can be found here.

Lost In Space

Lost In Space

"Lost In Space" by Erik | Date 072221 | Location Frisco

We love this photo work by Erik titled "Lost In Space" which combines and edits photos of the Frisco Futuro and the moon. Erik's original work can be found on Flickr here.

Reflections (2)

@orangeplasticdaisies - Reflections (2)

"Reflections" by @orangeplasticdaisies | Date 082921 | Location United Kingdom

We chose to title this awesome shot "Reflections". Photographer @orangeplasticdaisies observes that the photo "has an ethereal vibe ..."; we couldn't agree more. The original posting of this unusual photo of the UK Futuro can be found on Instagram here.

Aliens In Da Town

Futuro - Scarecrow

"aliens in da town" by POSITiv | Date 051707 | Location Berlin

Ever wondered how scarecrows get to where they are at? Ever wondered about those "crop circles"? Maybe the two go hand in hand!

Back To The Futuro

Back To The Futuro - Futuro & DeLorean

"Back To The Futuro" by Jeremy Popp on | Date Unknown | Location Carlisle

Ok, so the intended pun in naming this fantastic photograph is a little lame; give us a break - we never said we were great writers or particularly creative. There is something of a parallel between the DeLorean and the Futuro; both could be said to be "futuristic" at the time they came out (and arguably still so today) and both ultimately failed in the "mass" commercial sense but subsequently achieved something akin to "cult" status. We often find the "green eyed monster" stalking us when thinking Futuro and Jeremy Popp and his Delorean seem to give rise to a similar feeling. Seems like the Futuro and the DeLorean just go together like "peas in a pod".


Futuro - Bubbles

"Bubbles" by makeupbyjennijii | Date 101018 | Location Futuro World 50 Years Exhibition

This shot (which we have titled "Bubbles") captures an unusual perspective on a part of the 2018 "Futuro World 50 Years" exhibition at the WeeGee Exhibition Center in Espoo, Finland (home of the fully restored Futuro #001) which celebrated Futuro's "50th Anniversary".

The exhibition displayed (in "bubbles") a collection of photographs of the majority of the Futuros still in existence that was put together by Marko Home and Coincidentally the photograph of the Royse City Futuro seen here was one we took on a visit to Royse City 061314.


Saint-Ouen Futuro & Ghostbusters Car

"Ghostbusters" posted by Virginie Maneval | Date Unknown | Location Sain-Ouen

This fun photo of the Saint-Ouen Futuro "posing" with the Ghostbusters Car was posted to Facebook by Virginie Maneval 111818. Not sure who the photo is by or from when it dates.

Lost Soul

Futuro - Lost Soul - Royce City

"Lost Soul" by | Date 091411 | Location Royse City

The Royse City Futuro is not the best maintained example; it is abandoned and uncared for or at least that is how it appears. For the most part we are not lovers of graffiti but in this case it seems the "artist" was extremely descriptive. Perhaps the Futuro will be "found" one day.

Perspective (1)

Saint-Ouen Futuro - Perspective - retroamerican_store On Instagram

"Perspective" by retroamerican_store | Date 112016 | Location Saint-Ouen

Interesting "perspective" on three objects, a toy car, Spiderman and the Saint-Ouen Futuro!


Futuro - Rainbow

"Rainbow" by heidiseleste_art | Date 100918 | Location Futuro #001

If you enjoy bright vibrant colors this is the shot for you, if that is not your thing grab your sunglasses. This shot of Futuro #001 was taken by heidiseleste_art on 100918.

Rocket Ship/Rocket Car

Futuro & Futuristic Car

"Rocket Ship / Rocket Car" by Forgotten Fiberglass | Date 091211 | Location Livingston

A meeting of the "futuristic" and the "futuristic"; both fiberglass creations and both "uber" cool. We have no idea exactly what the car is, when we have time we will explore Forgotten Fiberglass some; we are sure that information will be on there somewhere. As for the Futuro, though it is not stated, this is clearly the Livingston Futuro.

So This Is How You Move Them!

Futuro - SUV Anyone?

"So This Is How You Move Them" by Forgotten Fiberglass | Date 010312 | Location Media

OK - so this one is a little "Tongue in Cheek"; obviously photo shopped but a fun photo nonetheless. We have never had to move a Futuro (though we would love to have the time and money to buy, relocate and restore one) but we are sure those that have would have loved it if it were this easy. Check out Forgotten Fiberglass for details on the purchase and upcoming relocation and restoration of the Media Futuro.

Sunrise At The Abandoned Futuro House

Sunrise At The Abandoned Futuro - kylejoethompson - 112117

"Sunrise At The Abandoned Futuro House" by kylejoethompson | Date 112117 | Location Royse City

There is an old saying "timing is everything" and this shot exemplifies that with kylejoethompson capturing this awesome sunrise shot at the Futuro in Royse City on 112117.

Sunrise/Sunset (2)

Futuro, Le Havre - 2018

"Sunrise/Sunset" by Barske Franck | Date 2018 | Location UK Futuro in Le Havre

We really love a good sunset (or sunrise) and so this photo combines that along with our passion for all things Futuro. We can not tell if this is a sunrise or a sunset but in the end it really does not matter as it is an awesome photo either way.

Futuro, Desert, Storm

Futuro, Desert, Storm - urbex_offlimits - 090419

"Futuro, Desert, Storm" by urbex_offlimits | Date 090419 | Location Joshua Tree

This awesome shot capturing the Joshua Tree Futuro out in the dessert in a storm was captured by urbex_offlimits on 090419. The original photo can be found on Instagram here.

Planet Futuro

Smartshotphoto - Planet Futuro

"Planet Futuro" by smartshotphoto | Date 040120 | Location Royse City

smartshotphoto describes this photo, posted to Instagram 040120, as being a "Tiny planet with a UFO?". We have chosen to take a little "creative license" and title it "planet Futuro".


John Ousby Photography - Gort

"Gort" by John Ousby Photography | Circa 2011 | Location Royse City

We have included this photo as a "nod" to those who have an interest in both Futuro and science fiction, likely the majority of Futuro aficionados we imagine. The photo is by John Ousby Photography.

The photo features Gort (from the iconic sci-fy movie The Day the Earth Stood Still) and the Royse City Futuro.


vanishingstl - Hippo

"Hippo" by vanishingstl | 030220 | Location Livingston

There are many photos of Futuro on this page and scattered across this website of Futuros "posed" with various things; among them animals, automobiles and other sometimes very random things. In this 030220 photo by vanishingstl we see the Livingston Futuro "posed" with, of all things, a Hippo (albeit not a real live specimen).

The Nun

B.A.Taylor - The Nun

"The Nun" by B.A.Taylor | 2019 | Location Munich

This atmospheric shot is by B.A.Taylor from the "Nun, Strings Attached" series. If you get a chance take a look at the set; great photos!

Want A Banana?

Want A Banana?

"Want A Banana?" by talk_gallery | 120220 | Location Saint-Ouen

We love this photo taken in the Saint-Ouen Futuro by talk_gallery. The photo features a unique art work available from Talk Gallery, one of the galleries located in the Marche Dauphin.

The Milky Way

The Milky Way

"The Milky Way" by sgeno44 | 061321 | Location Deep Creek

In almost every photograph that features a Futuro the Futuro is the star but we have to admit it takes second place here. This awesome shot of the Deep Creek Futuro under the Milky Way is by sgeno44. The original can be found on Instagram here.


Futuro, Dombai, Posted To Instagran By mishko

"Teddy" by mishko | Date 081721 | Location Dombai

It amused us no end to see "Teddy" make an appearance in this photo of Dombai by mishko. The original photo can be found on Instagram here

Perspective (3)

Livingston Futuro - Perspective - Kelli Perkins On Instagram

"Perspective" by Kelli Perkins | Date 102021 | Location Livingston Futuro

This is one of the more unusual photos of a Futuro we have seen; the unusual perspective of the shot at first glance makes it almost unrecognizable as a Futuro.

The photo, of the Livingston Futuro, is by Kelli Perkins (aka @outerlimitsopenroad). The original can be found on Instagram here.

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