The Futuro House was conceived by Matti Suuronen in 1968 as a "portable" ski chalet. It is an iconic piece of architecture and this website is devoted to documenting the history of the Futuro House and the current status and whereabouts of the remaining examples.


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         Previously located at 715 Clark Road, Bailey, CO, USA - Moved 2009
7764 Torreyson Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90046, USA | 34°7'38.36"N 118°22'4.77"W | Panoramic Image Shot On A Visit To Los Angeles 022815 © 2015 TheFuturoHouse.com

Futuro, Los Angeles, CA, USA - Panoramic Shot Taken 022815
Featured Image By jrmyst | CC 2.0 | Image Date 040610
Google Maps | Satellite Imagery Date 120317
Futuro, Nichols canyon, Los Angeles, USA  
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Update 072918

The later parts [24 seconds in] of this Kim Kardashian Fendi ad were shot at the Harpel House and the video ends [37 seconds in] with a shot of the Futuro.

Update 101516

I came across the two nice photos below on Instagram over the past week. The top photo, by cyknyc is from 060616 and was taken from the Chemosphere. The second photo, dated 101016, is by noremac91.

Futuro, Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, USA - Instagram Photo By cyknyc - Dated 060616

Futuro, Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, USA - Instagram Photo By noremac91 - Dated 101016

Update 110815

Art Barrett contacted me recently and also sent me the interesting photo below. Art drove this Futuro from Bailey, CO to its current location and the photo was taken during that journey. Art tells me that the drive was more challenging on the LA end; having driven up Mulholland to get to this Futuro in LA I can see why that might be. Many thanks for sharing the photo Art.

Futuro, Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, USA - Disassembled On Flatbed During Transport from bailey, Colorado

Update 031515

I recently had to visit California for a work related conference and while I was there I was able to visit the Los Angeles Futuro. My thanks to owner Mark Haddawy for inviting me to visit. The photographs below were taken 022815. And yes - the first is the obligatory "tourist" photo with Mark [right], yours truly and the Futuro included for "posterity".

Futuro, Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, USA - Visit 022815 - A  Futuro, Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, USA - Visit 022815 - B

These shots show the Futuro's location above and behind the main house and give an idea of how steep the terrain is.

Futuro, Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, USA - Visit 022815 - C

Futuro, Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, USA - Visit 022815 - D  Futuro, Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, USA - Visit 022815 - E

Futuro, Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, USA - Visit 022815 - F

The next set of photos are shot from above and behind the Futuro and give some idea of the stunning view over the house to the valley below.

Futuro, Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, USA - Visit 022815 - G  Futuro, Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, USA - Visit 022815 - H

Futuro, Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, USA - Visit 022815 - I

Futuro, Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, USA - Visit 022815 - J

Futuro, Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, USA - Visit 022815 - K  Futuro, Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, USA - Visit 022815 - L

This pair of shots clearly shows the "quarter" sections of this Futuro.

Futuro, Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, USA - Visit 022815 - M  Futuro, Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, USA - Visit 022815 - N

These final shots show that the flanges and joints between sections have some of the deterioration shown in most examples of Futuros pre restoration though in this case it does not appear to be as bad as in some other examples [such as Royse City].

Futuro, Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, USA - Visit 022815 - O

Futuro, Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, USA - Visit 022815 - P

Update 103113

The image below, courtesy of French Fashion Magazine Purple Magazine, accompanied an interview with Mark Haddawy in issue 20 [2/2013].

Futuro, Nichols canyon, Los Angeles, USA - Purple magazine

Update 101213

The photo below was published in a forum thread on Skyscraperpage.com by 3940dxer. The photo is not precisely dated but the narrative of the 092513 post indicates it was taken "last month" so the photo is probably from sometime in August 2013.

Other than the fact that it is a great close up shot of the Futuro what is really interesting about this photo is that it looks like the Futuro is about to get a paint job. The bottom section of the Futuro and the windows are masked with plastic [blue painter's tape is clearly visible] suggesting perhaps the upper section is going to be painted a different color. I await with interest a more recent view of this unit showing what I expect will be a changed appearance.

Futuro, Nichols canyon, Los Angeles, USA - 3940dxer

Original Images 101511

Image by srd515 | CC 2.0 | Dated 032110

Futuro, Nichols canyon, Los Angeles, USA - Alt

Additional Images:
  • Awesome B&W Image of the Harpel House with the Futuro in the background by Chimay Bleue | Dated 072311
  • View by Elizabeth Daniels | Dated 072611
Update 031515

A couple of week's ago I had to attend a conference related to the "day job" in California. Not that it is anything to do with the Futuro for some reason the conference organizer's saw fit to place an IT conference at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim and let me tell you you sure do, a my wife puts it, "pay for the mouse".

Anyway we added a couple of days out in California after the conference and on 022815 we were able to visit the Los Angeles Futuro. My thanks to owner Mark Haddawy for inviting us to visit his home and his Futuro.

We visited Rodeo Drive prior to taking the trip to the Futuro and our route there, along a section of Mulholland Drive, was dotted with "turn outs" that featured stunning views. When we arrived at the house we found a steeply inclined driveway up to the house which then circled back around the rear of the house. On entering the house the view was quite simply awe inspiring and Mark and India took time out of their day to chat while we took in the view before heading out back to the Futuro.

The Futuro itself is located behind and above the house in a steeply inclined back yard. What is not evident from other photos I have seen of the Futuro is the view from the Futuro over the top of the house to the valley spread out below; though the photos do not do it justice an idea of this view and the truly spectacular location of the Futuro can be seen in some of the photos at left.

Period documents [such as this one courtesy of the Hedberg Public Library] indicate that US Futuros were manufactured in eight sections with four quarters being joined mechanically and then sealed to create two hemispheres, one upper and one lower. In addition there are several examples of Futuros being delivered in just this fashion; for such an example see historical information relating to the Frisco Futuro's original delivery from the factory.

Mark tells me that his Futuro came from Colorado in eight sections so either it had not been joined and sealed or at some point post manufacture the joins and seals had been reversed.

The Futuro sections were delivered to the street and then "man handled" up the steep slope to the current site where they were then assembled. A gazelle I am not and the area where the Futuro is located was tough enough for me to get around carrying nothing but a camera. Mark tells me he had a group of individuals assisting in the task but nevertheless it must have been quite challenging.

Mark is planning on completing restoration of the Futuro over time. To date the exterior has been refinished and the flat windows that were installed when Mark purchased the Futuro have been replaced with "domed" windows. At this time the interior remains empty.

Once again I want to extend my thanks to Mark for inviting me to visit and to share photographs of his Futuro here. Hopefully sometime in the future when the unit is fully refurbished he might be persuaded to put up with another visit; it would be really interesting to see the completed project.

Update 103113

In an interview in Volume III Issue 20 [Fall/Winter 2013/14] of the French Fashion Magazine Purple Magazine, Mark Haddawy confirms that this Futuro is indeed the one from 715 Clark Road, Bailey, CO, USA. Mark indicates he has spent the last four years restoring the unit after buying it in a [2009] "design auction".

The interview can be found here. The relevant question and answer reads as follows:

"OLIVIER ZAHM - Can you tell us about the '70s bubble house?
MARK HADDAWY - Matti Suuronen designed the Futuro house in 1968. I bought it in a design auction and had it moved to Los Angeles from Colorado. I've spent the last four years restoring it.

Update 072912

While researching the Bailey Futuro today for the "Lost Souls" page it became apparent that there is a real liklehood that this Futuro is in fact the one that was in Bailey, Colorado that was sold at auction in 2009. Cannot be certain which is why I have left "Bailey" in the "Lost Souls" section but it does seem a very good possibility. Details can be found in the Bailey article.

Original Information 101511

Nestled in among the million dollar residences in Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles is the Wikipedia - John Lautner designed Willis Harpel House and set on the hillside behind the house is a Futuro House. The Harpel House is one of Lautner's most critically acclaimed residences and has recently been restored to its original condition by the current owner Marc Haddawy after a previous owner had extensively altered the building. Following renovation of the main house Haddawy is now restoring the Futuro.

I do not know where this Futuro was located before being brought to Nichols canyon but the move is a recent one which can be pinned down to somewhere in a 6 month window in 2009; imagery from 052409 in Google Earth shows that the Futuro was not on site at that time but it can be seen on site in later imagery dated 111409.

Latest Confirmed Date

Los Angeles - Latest Confirmation - 072219 - jessicadaviesmetalworksThis photograph by jessicadaviesmetalworks taken 072219.

The original photograph can be seen on Instagram here.

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