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The Futuro House was conceived by Matti Suuronen in 1968 as a "portable" ski chalet. It is an iconic piece of architecture and this site is devoted to documenting the history of the Futuro and the current status and whereabouts of the remaining examples. | Latest Site News & Updates

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Futuro Stafford, VA

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Update 050423

Great news for everyone who would love a Futuro experience but has not ever had the chance! Looks like another Futuro is coming to Airbnb!

In an Instagram post 050323 owner Keys Pattie comments:

"Holding myself accountable that this will finally be @airbnb ready by some point this summer!"

We can't wait to see how she turns out!

Original Information 011023

Despite countless hours over many years searching for information on Futuros something new can always be just around the corner. Here we have a new (well newly rediscovered) Futuro that has never come to our attention before.

It first popped up in a photo we came across on Facebook recently. A location we did not recognize (very exciting) so of course we had to ask about it and we were told Stafford, VA at Kreekside Disc Golf (thanks for the info Thomas!).

A few clicks, a search or two and a Facebook Page and we were on the phone with the owner Keys Pattie who told us the Futuro had been originally located (since the 70's) a couple of miles away on Thorney Point Road (this confirmed the entry on the "Lost Souls" page for Thorney Point Road and that location has now been updated to "found" status) and then relocated to its current location sometime around 15 years or so ago. Keys also kindly sent us the great set of photos seen below - thanks so much Keys.

What is most striking is that this is only the third known unit with the reduced number of windows that were originally produced to serve as "Space Banks" (the other two of course are Willingboro and Covington).

Please note that this Futuro IS NOT publicly accessible.

Keys Patiue Photos Stafford, VA - 1

Keys Patiue Photos Stafford, VA - 2

Keys Patiue Photos Stafford, VA - 3

Keys Patiue Photos Stafford, VA - 4

Keys Patiue Photos Stafford, VA - 5

Keys Patiue Photos Stafford, VA - 6

Keys Patiue Photos Stafford, VA - 7

Keys Patiue Photos Stafford, VA - 8

Keys Patiue Photos Stafford, VA - 9

Keys Patiue Photos Stafford, VA - 10

Keys Patiue Photos Stafford, VA - 11

Keys Patiue Photos Stafford, VA - 12

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Orebro - Latest Confirmation - 070523 - kreekside_dgThis photograph by kreekside_dg taken 070523.

The original photograph can be seen on Instagram here.

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