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Futuro Hurzuf - - Date Unknown

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Update 082022

It seems this Futuro is on the move and likely destroyed which is extremely sad considering it was the only known example of the Futuro two-story variant. For now we will leave this as the location until we learn a little more; we can still hope that there will be a new location though likely in the end she will make the sad trip to the "demolished" page on the site.

This news comes to us from a Twitter post by Oleh Idolov (aka 1dolov).

Oleh posts that he (according to Google Translate):

"Just received a confirmation that Russian occupational authorities demolished a famous masterpiece of retro-futuristic architecture in Hurzuf, Crimea."

and he includes the first of the two photos below. The second photo comes to us in a reply to the post from @torvi2502 who added that (again according to Google Translate) the Futuro "was taken to Stavropol (official.) In fact, to a landfill."

Hopefully this is not the case but it does not sound too hopeful. If you know anything further we would love to hear from you (contact info can be found here).

Hurzuf On The Move - Aug 2022 - @1dolov

Hurzuf On The Move - Aug 2022 - @torvi2502

Update 022222

It appears that this Futuro and its surroundings have had something of a makeover. Both the Futuro itself and the lower level cladding along with the various walls around the unit have been repainted. We rather like the new look.

We were first alerted to this by Yves, a longtime contributor to these pages, who came across a photo in Google Earth and then today Anastasia Ria sent us the photo you see below. Our thanks to both of you! Anastasia's original photo can be found on Instagram here.

Hurzuf 022222 - Anastasia Ria

Update 080320

It always great to get an up to date look at one of the lesser photographed Futuros. In this case we have these three shots of this Futuro taken 072620 and sent to us recently by Vladimir Makeev.

Hurzuf 072620 - IG vmakeev - 1

Hurzuf 072620 - IG vmakeev - 2

Hurzuf 072620 - IG vmakeev - 3

However that was not all from Vladimir; he also sent us the first photo we have seen of the interior of this unit. Interesting to note the same structure around the base of the seating as we see around the outside of the Futuro and the area in which it is located (though perhaps this is not surprising; based on this drawing from the time of manufacture this looks like it was the plan all along).

Hurzuf 072620 - IG vmakeev - Interior

But that was not all; Vladimir also sent us video footage of the Futuro and the area around it and a second video in which he provides some historical and current information with the current being a little worrisome.

The footage of the Futuro is very interesting in that it shows the unit is still operating as a business despite the ongoing impact of Covid-19.

In the commentary Vladimir provides in the second video he provides some historical information (notable that this unit functioned as a bar at a time when this was unusual in the Soviet union; something of a "pioneer").

Vladimir also tells us that the owner may be on the verge of selling the property, perhaps to a developer, and that the unit's future is uncertain.

It would be tragic to see this seemingly original condition unique two-story variant of the Futuro "go the way of the dodo" and we will be attempting to make contact with either the owner or any potential purchaser to see if we can connect them with someone looking to purchase a Futuro.

Of course we would love to "save" this unit (or any Futuro for that matter) ourselves and this unit would likely be an awesome structure to perhaps set up as something of a Futuro museum to house our collection of "Things Futuro" but, failing a lottery win, that is not a possibility so perhaps we can help facilitate someone else "saving it".

If you happen to have any additional information or know how to contact the owner we love it if you could let us know.

Vladmir; many thanks for taking the time to complie all of this information and send it over to us!

Update 030919

We came across this photo recently though it was actually taken over a year ago. It is not only one of the nicest we have seen of this Futuro but it is also the most recent. The photo was taken by Khuroshvili Ilya 010318.


Update 072918

We added this undated multi-view postcard to our collection of "Things Futuro" recently. It features this Futuro in one of the photos. Though undated based on other photos of this Futuro (and also the other photos on the postcard - for example note the bus) it is almost certainly from the early days, likely late 70's or sometime in the 80's.

Hurzuf Multi-View Postcard - Front

Hurzuf Multi-View Postcard - Back

Update 061018

The Espoo City Museum organization includes several other museums along with the WeeGee Exhibition Center (and Futuro #001) and it also includes among its collections a large photographic archive. These photographs are available for use under CC BY-ND 4.0 license and this series of photos, by an unknown photographer, are included here under that license. The copyright on the photographs remains with the Espoo City Museum. The full Espoo City Museum archive can be found here.

This series of photographs (and the single drawing) all relate to the "two story" variant of the Futuro and specifically to this Futuro.

The photographs descriptions (according to Google Translate) are as follows (top to bottom, left to right): None of the photos are attributed to a photographer. The first four photographs show the Futuro in the yard of the Polykem plant in Ruotsinpyhtää and are dated 1977; this date accords with known information regarding the date of manufacture of the two story variant Futuro for delivery to The Crimea (see "The Finnish 20").

The last photograph shows the Futuro as installed in Hurzuf. It is dated 1970-1975 which is certainly incorrect as the unit was not manufactured until 1977 so most likely it dates from 1977 or thereabouts.

The interior drawing is not specifically noted as relating to the two story variant or the Hurzuf Futuro in particular but given the date on the drawing, the notations "Sputnik" and "Krim" (Crimea) on the drawing along with the pattern of squares seen in the interior decor which exactly matches the pattern of squares seen on peripheral objects (stairway cladding, circular seats, walls) in the photographs it seems to us almost certain the drawing does relate to the two story variant and specifically to the this Futuro.

Futuro Two Story Variant - Polykem Plant - Ruotsinpyhtaa - 1977 - Unknown Photographer - Espoo City Museum Collection - 1

Futuro Two Story Variant - Polykem Plant - Ruotsinpyhtaa - 1977 - Unknown Photographer - Espoo City Museum Collection - 2

Futuro Two Story Variant - Polykem Plant - Ruotsinpyhtaa - 1977 - Unknown Photographer - Espoo City Museum Collection - 3

Futuro Two Story Variant - Polykem Plant - Ruotsinpyhtaa - 1977 - Unknown Photographer - Espoo City Museum Collection - 4

Futuro Two Story Variant - Hurzuf - 1977 - Unknown Photographer - Espoo City Museum Collection

Futuro Two Story Variant - Interior Drawing - Espoo City Museum Collection

Update 021516

In a visitor post to the excellent Facebook page "The FUTURO House" Sami Lassila shared this great photo posted by Ben Barkas. The post was annotated with this comment:

"One version assembled on the yard of the manufacturing plant."

In the 082314 update on this page we concluded that, based on available evidence, this Futuro had likely been located in Hurzuf since its manufacture and purchase in 1977. This is the only example of the two-story variant of Futuro that we are aware of. It seems likely therefore that this photo is of the same unit. In addition when comparing this photo to photos of Hurzuf it is apparent the structure is very similar even down to the shape and size of the windows in the lower supporting structure. Based on that it seems to us that this photo, though undated, most likely dates from 1977.

Futuro, Hurzuf, Yalta, Crimea - Facebook - Ben Barkas - 1977

Update 042615

Yves Buysse, who has made many contributions to these pages over the years, sent us this photo recently; nice to see a photo of the Futuro and the bar in "livelier" times.

Futuro, Hurzuf, Yalta, Crimea - Yves Buysse - Sent April 2015

Update 082314

Following the addition of Hurzuf a week or so ago we received several emails with additional information, thoughts and links. As a result of that we are now convinced that the correct location for this unit is 44°32'0.24"N 34°16'23.88"E and that it has been at this location since first being imported from Finland. Our thanks to everyone who contributed and in particular to Marko Home and Achim Breiling.

So, first, is this indeed the correct location? There are certainly several websites with posts/articles that place the Futuro at this location; among them, and

In addition there is a Panoramio photo by pachu (uploaded 101109) placed at this location which shows a view very similar to that seen in this video at around 3:50 in. Compare the Panoramio photo with the screenshot from the video; note the mountains in the background and the same quay on the waterfront.

Futuro, Hurzuf, Yalta, Crimea - Youtube Video Still

Futuro, Hurzuf, Yalta, Crimea - Panoramio Photo - View For Comparison

Given the various websites placing the Futuro at 44°32'0.24"N 34°16'23.88"E along with photographic evidence and the fact that the object visible at the alternate location (44°32'16.67"N 34°16'28.66"E) is too big to be a Futuro we are forced to conclude that this is indeed the correct and exact location for the Hurzuf Futuro.

That said are we able to establish whether the Futuro has ever been moved or if it is in its original location?

From Matti Suuronen's CV we learn that the two story variant Futuro was manufactured and then purchased by the Soviet youth travel agency Sputnik in 1977. The listing indicates the destination of the unit as Krim which is somewhat non-specific (Wikipedia defines it as "the peninsula Crimea on the northern coast of the Black Sea") but it does include the Hurzuf area.

However, as noted below in the original information on this page, the story of the "Plate bar" from the website starts by indicating the Futuro has been on site for "more than 30 years". The copyright notice on the webpage indicates "2011-2014" so the Plate story could date from anywhere in that window putting the Futuro, assuming it has always been at its current location, on site for 34-37 years which matches the statement "more than 30 years".

Perhaps the most compelling evidence to suggest that this Futuro has been moved at some point and was originally located in Yalta is the presence of the static "umbrella" installations in the vicinity of the Futuro in some photos and videos; examples can be seen in this photo and in the still below from the Mika Taanila directed film "Futuro: A New Stance for Tomorrow."

Futuro, Hurzuf, Yalta, Crimea - Taanila Film Still

Installations of these "umbrellas" are well documented in Yalta and it was this very fact that caused us to add this Futuro to the "Lost Souls" page as being located in Yalta. These installations are actually still present in Yalta (see 44°29'25.5"N 34°09'48.7"E and 44°29'23.5"N 34°09'47.7"E) but in each case there are five of the "umbrellas" and in the shots showing the Futuro and the "umbrellas" there are only three.

There is however also documentation of there being three of these umbrellas installed in Hurzuf; the photo below is from the website (though based on the watermark it appears it should be credited to and this photo clearly depicts an installation of three "umbrellas" in Hurzuf (Hurzuf and Gurzuf appear to be interchangeable names - we use Hurzuf because that is what we see in Google Maps). Hurzuf Umbrellas

It is the text that accompanies this photo we find what we believe is the conclusive piece of evidence. According to Google Translate this text reads as follows:

"86-year-old Gregory Zaitsev, in 1960, the first secretary of the Komsomol, who oversaw the improvement of the international youth camp "Sputnik" in Gurzuf, says: "There and brought from Moscow, these umbrellas. Their plan to establish the camp. Gift does not fit into the concept of the camp - after staying in Gurzufe had to convince foreign visitors the advantages of the socialist system and the Soviet way of life.'s Guide "companion" gave awnings Yalta."

This text not only confirms the presence of an "umbrella" installation in Hurzuf but more importantly it confirms the presence there of the Sputnik youth camp and we know from Matti Suuronen's CV that this Futuro was purchased for installation at such a camp.

So, based on the evidence above and all of the photographic and other evidence available, we now believe that this Futuro's current location is indeed 44°32'0.24"N 34°16'23.88"E and that this is the location at which the unit was originally installed in 1977.

Once again we would like to thank Marko, Achim and others for their contributions and as always if you have anything to add please let us know.

And; one final observation which should have occurred to us when we watched this video but did not (it was in fact Marko who pointed it out to us). The video is dated 061314 which is the height of the summer tourist season and, if we assume that is the date the footage was shot, we would expect a bar business to be open and likely busy.

In fact what we see is the opposite; the business does not appear to be operating and there are no patrons. In addition we see sand, leaves and other debris on tables and seats; also not a sign of a well maintained and busy business. Perhaps the recent Russia/Ukraine tensions have caused tourists to avoid the area and caused the business to close either temporarily or permanently? Pure speculation of course but hopefully we are not seeing the beginning of the end for a Futuro that has stood in the same location for almost 40 years. Time will tell!

Original Information 081714

Our "Lost Souls" page includes a section on a "lost" two-story variant Futuro that was located in Yalta, Ukraine. It seems that this Futuro is in fact alive and well and functioning as a bar in Hurzuf, a town some 15 or so kilometers up the coast from Yalta. Our thanks to Yves Buysse who sent us an email regarding the "rediscovery" of this Futuro.

Russian sites and the Russian language are a challenge but with Google Translate and other translation programs you can usually get a sense of what is being said and in this case it seems that the Futuro is part of a nightclub /bar called Plate. The story of Plate is recounted on the website This site is in Russian; there is an English icon top right but if you click that much of the content disappears. However if you use Google Translate on the url you can get an English translation of the content. It reads (according to Google Transalet):

"Plate is proud that his story began more than 30 years ago. Since then many things have changed, but remained unchanged main components: a personalized service and electronic dance music. Disco bar located on the central promenade of the resort, on the territory of the youth center Sputnik. Club complex is surrounded by green palm trees, cypresses and olive trees and is just a short walk from the Black Sea coast. Disco bar includes an indoor hall with a restaurant and a dance floor. In the menu, visitors will find excellent European cuisine made exclusively from natural and fresh ingredients. In addition there is a large summer terrace with a view of the sea. There is also a bar where you will find a wide variety of alcoholic and soft drinks for every taste. There is a large cocktail menu. The club regularly organizes original parties, shows and discos. To order for special events."

The webpage lists an address and phone number for the Plate but in among all of the translation's to and from Russian to get search strings into Google Maps or Google Earth that will actually work we have not been able to come with the actual address yet. The address as given by the website translated to English is Quay Street, 7 but we do not return any results searching for this address.

It is unclear whether the reference to a history of "more than 30 years" indicates that the Futuro was originally located elsewhere (perhaps Yalta) or that it has always been at this location. The recent photographs and videos of this Futuro displayed below compared to this much earlier (but undated) photograph ...

Futuro - Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine - Pamela Voigt

... do not, in our opinion, provide enough evidence to allow us to definitively say whether they are of the same location or a different one. That said, the still below from this video looking down towards the water's edge does show a surface not dissimilar to that seen in the photo above and they could easily be the same location from different angles, one looking down from the Plate and the other looking up from the water's edge.

Futuro, Hurzuf, Yalta, Crimea - Youtube Video Still

Determining the precise location of the Futuro is proving as elusive as determining if it has always been at this location or not or for that matter it's address. The website displays this map ...

Futuro, Hurzuf, Yalta, Crimea - Map

... but if you switch to satellite view there is no evidence of the Futuro being at the indicated location.

Yves sent us a screenshot from Bing maps which shows a circular object which appears to be constructed with the correct eight sections. This object is located at 44°32'16.67"N 34°16'28.66"E ...

Futuro, Hurzuf, Yalta, Crimea - Bing Maps

... but the trouble is that if the Bing maps "scale" is even anywhere approaching accurate then this object is too big to be a Futuro as shown in the image below with the "Futuro" shifted nearer the "scale."

Futuro, Hurzuf, Yalta, Crimea - Bing Maps

In addition the object appears to have a grayish color whereas the Futuro is yellow. Both of these features, size and color, are also apparent in this screenshot from Google Earth imagery dated 082509.

Futuro, Hurzuf, Yalta, Crimea - Google Earth

Perhaps this is the location of the Futuro, satellite imagery is often inconclusive, but if it is not is there any alternative?

According to Google Maps and Google Earth there is another possibility. The two images below are screenshots from Google Earth. The location is 44°32'0.24"N 34°16'23.88"E (the imagery sources are dated 070504 and 082509 respectively) and there we find an object which is approximately the right size for a Futuro though it is difficult to determine if it actually round as it is hidden by trees (though we would expect that given all the trees in the photos). In addition the object is the right color for the Futuro. Finally a map on this webpage places the Plate at this location as does

Futuro, Hurzuf, Yalta, Crimea - Google Earth Alt Location 1

Futuro, Hurzuf, Yalta, Crimea - Google Earth Alt Location 2

Perhaps this is the location of the Futuro, satellite imagery is often inconclusive, but if it is not is there any alternative?

It is always exciting to be able to add a newly "rediscovered" Futuro to this site and we always try to do so as soon as possible after finding out about it. Having just heard about this today we have not yet spent much time researching and there is still some work to do determining the address and exact location; hopefully we will able to update in the not too distant future. In the meantime if you can add anything please let us know

Once again our thanks to Yves for alerting us to this.

There are several photographs and videos around that feature this Futuro; a sampling can be found below.

The photos displayed below are courtesy of the following websites (from top to bottom, left to right): The url for the third photograph appears to be dead and the page is not archived on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine but interestingly it still appears in Google image searches.

Futuro, Hurzuf, Yalta, Crimea -

Futuro, Hurzuf, Yalta, Crimea -

Futuro, Hurzuf, Yalta, Crimea -

Futuro, Hurzuf, Yalta, Crimea -

The Futuro can be seen at some point in each of the following three videos. These videos can be found on Youtube here, here and here.

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