The Futuro House was conceived by Matti Suuronen in 1968 as a "portable" ski chalet. It is an iconic piece of architecture and this website is devoted to documenting the history of the Futuro House and the current status and whereabouts of the remaining examples.


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         Previously located at 7357 Illinois 29, Cantrall, IL 62625, USA - Moved 2009
Pink Elephant Antiques, 708 Chs 68, Livingston, IL 62088, USA [Approximate] | 38°57'37.27"N 89°45'52.75"W
Featured Image By yooperann | CC 2.0 | Image Date 123009
Google Maps | Street View Imagery Date October 2013
Futuro, Livingston, IL, USA  
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Update 051119

This awesome drawing featuring this Futuro is by talented artist Rex Parker. I enjoyed it so much I had to own it; a 13" x 19" print is now a part of my collection of "Things Futuro". You can get your own copy by visiting Rex's online store here.

Livingston Futuro Poster By Rex Parker

Update 021118

This video of the Livingston Futuro by Tim Hills appeared attached to a comment on a 011818 post on the Trystcraft Facebook page.

This video is embedded using the HTML5 Video tag but I have only tested in my current version of Chrome. In other browsers/versions this may or may not function. If you are unable to view the video it can be downloaded from here for local playback.

Update 082215

Came across this photo of this Futuro the other day. The photo was posted by beautyofabandonedplaces on Tumblr.

The photo interested me not only because it is a rather "moody" shot of a Futuro but also because the rear windows seen through the front window to the left of the photo ends up looking like the "alien eyes" seen in many graphics; take a look at this photo of Frisco to see what I mean.

Futuro - Livingstone - Abandoned Porn

Update 050513

Wampa-One captured a couple of nice shots of the Futuro showing it as it was 032213. One of the photos is a very cool close up of the Futuro and the Pink Elephant. The photos are displayed here with permission.

Futuro - Wampa-One 1

Futuro - Wampa-One 2

Update 010113

We know the Futuro is somewhat rare; Pink Elephants - probably more so. I came across this fun shot by the_mel today. Taken 020711 the shot is an interesting capture that shows the Livingston Futuro along with the antique mall's "Pink Elephant".

Futuro & Pink Elephant

I also came across this very nice set of photos by singer/songwriter Citizen Fitz posted on his blog 082611.

Futuro - Citizen Fitz 1

Futuro - Citizen Fitz 2

Futuro - Citizen Fitz 3

Futuro - Citizen Fitz 4

Futuro - Citizen Fitz 5

Futuro - Citizen Fitz 6

Futuro - Citizen Fitz 7

Update 072812

Traditionally the proverbial "they" have mostly referred to aliens as "little green men". Clearly that is not the case; they have fur, four legs and a tail. I always figured that there was more to dogs than met the eye, they are too darn clever - perhaps all the time we spend training them is just a con and it is really them training us using reverse psychology.

Seriously though this photo by Debra Jane Seltzer of her "kids" at the Livingston Futuro is a great shot.

Debra runs the website http://www.RoadsideArchitecture.com which is a treasure trove of images from all across the USA - check it out. Debra also blogs about her experiences on the road trips she takes to collect her photographs; this photo is from one of her blog posts here.

The photograph was taken 050312 and that is now the latest "confirmed" date I have for this Futuro.

Futuro & Futuristic

Original Images & Video 092011

This video by RamblinAround features the Livingston Futuro at around the 1:20 mark.

Additonal Images:

Futuro, Livingston, IL, USA - Alt 1

By Pete Zarria | CC 2.0 | Image Date 101910

Futuro, Livingston, IL, USA - Alt 2

By vantasy | CC 2.0 | Image Date 101910

  • By Alan C | Image Date 051711 [Dead - see pdf here]
  • Collection of images on the Blog "B.E.L.T."
  • By Craig Newsome [Interior] | Image Date 061910
  • By Darren Snow | Image Date 070310
  • By doit4vangogh - 1, 2 | Images Date 090610
  • By Neato Coolville | Image Date 062910
  • By olrebbie - 1, 2 | Images Date 100811 [Latest for location]
Sitting on the north side of I-55 in Livingston, IL you will find the The Pink Elephant Antique Mall. The mall is home to several larger than life curiosities including its namesake, a huge pink elephant as well a twenty foot tall swimmer and a giant "Twistee Treat" ice cream cone building. The last of those stars with the mall's latest addition, a Futuro, in the featured image by yooperann top left which I have to say I just love; the juxtaposition of the "futuristic" Futuro and the almost "old-fashioned" looking "Twistee Treat" cone is just marvelous.

This Futuro was previously located off Route 29 north of Springfield Airport before being purchased from Frank Moscardelli, on whose land it had sat for many years, by the owner of the Pink Elephant Dave Hammond. The Futuro was in quite a state at the time of purchase; in an article in The State Journal Register [012310] Hammond is quoted as follows:

"It was disgusting on the inside, really disgusting ... We had to gut it. It took four trucks to haul all the parts. It does need a lot of attention. We intend on fixing it back up and making it into a dining area with booths, where people can sit and eat ice cream."

Realizing that plan will clearly take a considerable amount of restoration work but the May 2011 photo from Alan C [Dead - see pdf here] clearly shows that the work is underway with the Futuro having received a shiny new coat of paint.

The second of the two images by olrebbie is an interesting detail shot showing a doorbell installed on the Futuro. Not sure if this is something added to this unit or something standard as it is not something I have ever noticed before; it will be interesting to check images of other Futuros to see if I can ascertain whether this is a standard feature when time permits.

Latest Confirmed Date

Livingston - Latest Confirmation - 071419 - jfschumThis photograph by jfschum taken 071419.

The original photograph can be found on Instagram.

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