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The Futuro House was conceived by Matti Suuronen in 1968 as a "portable" ski chalet. It is an iconic piece of architecture and this site is devoted to documenting the history of the Futuro and the current status and whereabouts of the remaining examples. | Latest Site News & Updates

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Orebro Futuro - Sebastian F. - Wikipedia - 012207

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Update 053120

It has been a while since we saw a new photo of this Futuro, it tends to be one of the lesser photographed units, but we recently came across this shot by stanboulain that was posted to Instagram 052820.

Futuro, Orebro, Sweden - stanboulain - IG - 052820

Update 061117

Yves Buysse (thanks Yves) recently sent us a link to an old 2011 article on this Futuro that appeared on the website While the article itself did not really include any new information it was accompanied by two interior photos, the first we have seen of this particular Futuro. The first photo carries no credit so we assume it should be credited to; the second is credited to Filip Erlind.

Futuro, Orebro, Sweden - Interior - Credit

Futuro, Orebro, Sweden - Interior - From Credit Filip Erlind

Update 082016

We recently came across this short video shot 080916 by John Kassman on Instagram.

A video posted by John Kassman (@iamsirnose) on

Update 062516

The photo below was posted to Instagram by fleursblog. The photo is described as being from the book:

"... Barbie älskar Sverige. The spaceship is Matti Suuronen's portable "cottage" Futuro, designed in 1968, situated in countryside Sweden."

The book is described on the website in this way (Google Translation of Swedish text):

"Barbie loves Sweden is a hitherto unwritten part of the Swedish pop culture history but also a delicious roadtrip image that celebrates Barbie and the timeless Sweden, 50s and 60s modernism. The authors take Barbie to the tracks of yesterday, the architecture that kept and places that have remained untouched. For camera angles showing Barbie in her Swedish 60s."

The location of the shot is not identified other than the "countryside"; that said it is almost certainly shot in Örebro based on the color of the Futuro, appearance of the main roof vent and the fact that other then the Swedish Air Force units there are no other known Futuro in Sweden.

All in all it makes for a rather unusual Futuro photo.

Futuro, Orebro, Sweden - From The Book Barbie alskar Sverige - Posted To Twitter By fleursblog

Update 032016

Came across this rather interesting photo of Orebro the other day on by saabrobz (originally posted to Instagram).

The photo has an aged appearance but almost certainly this is the result of editing (very well done in our opinion and resulting in a photo we very much like). The logo and associated text on the Futuro is the current iteration (a check in Google Street View confirms this) and, as can be seen in this photo, that has not always been the case.

Futuro, Orebro, Sweden - saabrobz - via Instagram

Update 042713

Achim Breiling recently sent us a link to an old version of the website of the company that owns and uses the Orebro Futuro House captured by the Wayback Machine (In Swedish | Google translation to English here); the company name was Skyltmålar'n.

The Futuro House and/or the company using it may have changed ownership at some point but the domain hosting the website is the same as the current one and, while it is difficult to translate any of the Scandinavian languages using Google Translate, it seems quite likely that this is the same company as the current one and that at some point they rebranded themselves as Tetafet; perhaps to take advantage of the marketing power of a Futuro House, certainly from a marketing perspective the Futuro House is very memorable and in some ways that is what marketing is all about, providing a trigger for a potential client to "remember" a brand.

The two most interesting things to be found on this "old" site are a photo of the Futuro showing it having clearly different markings and branding than it currently has and a short video clip with shows the Futuro House that was exhibited at the 1971 exhibition Internationale Kunststoffhaus Ausstellung der Welt in Lüdenscheid, Germany. There is also mention of the fact that the Orebro Futuro came from an exhibition in Stockholm but there is no indication of the date of that exhibition.

The photo can be found below; note that the resolution is low and the photograph is displayed here at approximately twice the original resolution (the original photograph can be accessed here).

The video can be found using this link to the Wayback Machine or embedded on our Exhibitions page.

Futuro, Orebro, Sweden - Skyltmålar'

Original Information 101711

Located in Örebro, Sweden this Futuro is owned and used by Tefatet, a company in the signage business.

Interestingly the English translation of the Swedish word "tefatet" is "saucer". In addition if you look at the Tefatet Website you will see that the company logo is a representation of a Futuro (you can see the logo on the picture of the Futuro on their site or in the Google Maps "Street View" by zooming in on the Futuro). We can find no reports of how long the Futuro has been on site or owned by the company but if you take the logo and the name into account it seems likely that the Futuro was there right when the business was started.

The image below is a screen shot from Swedish Search Engine which provides a nice "Street View" perspective on this Futuro. Wikipedia describes as a search engine offering telephone directory, addresses and maps. You can access this location live in here.

Futuro, Orebro, Sweden - Street View

A couple of additional images can be found using the links below:
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Latest Confirmation

Orebro - Latest Confirmation - 082423 - flamingo_thornrosaThis photograph by flamingo_thornrosa taken 082423.

The original photograph can be seen on Instagram here.

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