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Futuro Berlin - Wikipedia - August 2007

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Update 120523

WaPo Berlin is a German TV show broadcast by Das Erste.

IMDB describes the show as being about

"Jasmin Sayed, a commissioner who has lived in Germany for almost 30 years, is launching a new elite unit dedicated to the protection of Berlin's waters."

so given the location of this Futuro on a river barge it seems only fitting that it makes and appearance in the show and it does just that in S03E08, an episode titled "Gegen den Wind-Blues" or, per Google Translate "Against the Wind Blues".

There are multiple shots of the Futuro both exterior and interior where several scenes were shot (the Futuro appears in segments starting at 10:45, 13:30, 15:23, 22:10, 24:59 and 34:52). A couple of screen shots are shown below as there does not appear to be a way to embed the video - the video can be found streaming here.

Berlin Futuro - WaPo Berlin S03E08 - 1

Berlin Futuro - WaPo Berlin S03E08 - 2

Update 040922

For the most part when we see photos of Futuros that is all we see, "photos of Futuros" (which of course we do love to see), but every now and again we come across a photo that is not only "a photo of a Futuro" but a really great or unusual or interesting photo in its own right. Here we have a photo of the Berlin Futuro from owner Cora that fits the bill of being "more". The photo has an almost surreal and mysterious feel to it; just a great photo!

Berlin - Cora Instagram - 032722

Update 012222

This video footage posted to Instagram by owner Cora 012122 gives us a great look at the interior of this Futuro; Cora thanks for sharing !

Update 121021

This Futuro has been "on the road" (or more accurately "on the water") for quite some time but recent Facebook posts by owner Cora tell us that the last leg of the journey is underway; we can't wait to see the unit at its final destination.

The first post was accompanied by a couple of photos. Though our primary interest is of course the Futuro the rather odd small structure in the foreground of the first is interesting, it looks rather like a scale model of some kind of structure to us. The second is a look inside the Futuro and, as with all interior shots of this Futuro, it reminds us how awesome the restoration of this Futuro was.

Berlin - Cora Facebook - 120521 - 1

Berlin - Cora Facebook - 120521 - 2

A couple of days later this cool video was posted. Interesting to see the rather too small (at least thats how they appear to us) outboard motors propelling the much much larger boat and its precious cargo.

Update 081721

The two photos below are from owner Cora's @futuro13berlin Instagram feed; the first illustrates an interesting and unusual way to relax in a Futuro kitchen and the second shows us just how "shiny" this Futuro is! As always our thanks to Cora for continuing to share photos of her Futuro.

Berlin - Cora IG - 072621

Berlin - Cora IG - 081221

Update 062121

Owner Cora regularly posts content related to her Futuro to her Instagram account @futuro13berlin and we particularly enjoyed these two recent posts. The first is a great night time shot of the Futuro and the second a rather engaging drawing.

Berlin - Cora IG - 062121

Berlin - Cora IG - 061821 - 2

Update 042821

Based on these photos recently posted to Instagram by owner Cora (@futuro13berlin) and a comment attached to the first of them ("preparing another journey") it looks like this Futuro is embarking on the next stage of its journey; looking forward to seeing where she will eventually land. Thanks for sharing the photos Cora and good luck with this next part of the journey!

Berlin - Cora IG - 042821 - 1

Berlin - Cora IG - 042821 - 2

Berlin - Cora IG - 042821 - 3

Berlin - Cora IG - 042821 - 4

Update 040421

We were sad to see this photo posted to Instagram by owner Cora; the photo shows one of the windows of her Futuro after a vandalism incident.

Of course in the great scheme of things this is by no means a major disaster, a quick look at the news any day will reveal many far far greater problems in our world today but that does not mean things like this are OK, acceptable or even understandable. We struggle to imagine what possible pleasure anyone can derive from actions such as these and obviously the result is an inconvenience and expense to Cora that she does not deserve. Hopefully whoever did this will think more in the future and realize this is simply not the way to act; respecting other people and their property is not difficult and is the right thing to do.

Berlin - 040321 Vandalism - Cora IG

Update 022721

We came across these two photos recently; the first is a very cool drone shot by Klas Roggenkamp (the original can be found on Instagram here) and the second is a beautiful black and white shot by Renate (the original can be found on Flickr here).

Berlin - Feb 21 Drone Shot - Klas Roggenkamp

Berlin - Feb 21 B&W - Renate

Update 021821

This awesome February 2021 photo featuring the Berlin Futuro in a "winter wonderland" setting on the completely frozen Spree river comes to us from owner Cora Geißler; the original photo can be found on Instagram here.

Berlin - Feb 21 Winter Wonderland - Cora

Update 071420

On 071220 owner Cora posted this video to her Facebook page; the video shows the Futuro on the next stage of its journey.

Update 051420

It seems that this Futuro is on the move though its final destination is not yet 100% certain. In an article titled "Auf dem Weg in den Plänterwald: Ufo landet wieder im Spreepark" or, according to Google Translate "On the way to the Plänterwald: Ufo lands again in the Spreepark" the website Berliner Kurier reports that the Futuro is currently loaded onto a barge awaiting its move to a new location; the barge is moored on the Spree at the Insel der Jugend (or Island of Youth).

The hope is that the Futuro will "return to its roots" and once again be sited back in Spreepark.

The following photos (top to bottom, left to right) are: The first four photos are from owner Cora Geißler's Instagram feed (futuro13berlin) and the remaining photos were posted to Instagram by Dacian Groza.

Berlin - May 2020 Move - Cora - 1

Berlin - May 2020 Move - Cora - 2

Berlin - May 2020 Move - Cora - 3

Berlin - May 2020 Move - Cora - 4

Berlin - May 2020 Move - Dacian - 1

Berlin - May 2020 Move - Dacian - 2

Berlin - May 2020 Move - Dacian - 3

Berlin - May 2020 Move - Dacian - 4

Update 120719

This rather nice "moody" pair of photos of this Futuro were sent to us recently by captain.lost.

Berlin - captain.lost IG - 112819

Berlin - captain.lost IG - 112819

Update 041319

Futuros have featured as the setting for several music videoes over the years. The latest is this video for the track "When I Die" from American band Beirut's 2019 album Gallipoli.

Update 030919

We recently added a copy of the book Rummel im Plänterwald to our collection of "Things Futuro". The book documents the history of Spreepark from its beginnings in 1969 as "Kulturpark Plänterwald" through the change to Spreepark and eventual closure to the modern day.

The book includes four pages about the Futuro and, while we cannot read the German text, the inclusion of park maps for many different years does add one interesting piece of information relating to this Futuro's history.

Through 1996 the Futuro is prominently marked on the park map but from 1997 on it is not visible on the maps at all; in fact one of the parks rides, the Spider, was relocated and on the later maps occupies the space previously occupied by the Futuro. Without being able to read the text in the book we cannot be sure that the park stopped using the Futuro in 1997 but they certainly moved it.

With one exception the photos and drawings in the book are ones we have come across before but there is one that is new to us; this interesting aerial shot from 1994 that offers a view of the Futuro we have not seen before.

Rummel im Planterwald - 1994 Aerial Shot Of Spreepark With Futuro

Update 070817

We came across this photo a few days ago; it was presumably taken using some kind of filter (though we suppose it could also have been edited "after the fact") and the resulting photo has a very surreal look. The photo is by Fix-Fokus and the original can be found on Flickr here.

Update 040817

We recently added this postcard to our collection of "Things Futuro". The postcard, which features the Berlin Futuro, is undated and unused.

Berlin Futuro Postcard Front

Berlin Futuro Postcard Back

Update 032517

Our original information on this Futuro reads in part:

"After a brief stop at the Hanover Trade Fair of 1968 Futuro #13 was located at Spreepark in Berlin. Originally opened in 1969 and then known as "Kulturpark Plänterwald" the park was the first cultural park in the then German Democratic Republic or, as it was better known to most, East Germany. The intention for the Futuro was that it would serve as the park's radio station - we cannot find anything that indicates whether it did or not."

Based on recent correspondence with Marko Home and some video links Yves Buysse sent us that statement needs to be revised for two reasons: the Hanover Fair reference should be to the Fair of 1969 and Futuro 13 did indeed serve as the "Kulturpark Plänterwald" radio station (see the 040914 update below).

Two videos that can be found on (at 6:55) and (at 11:28); include footage of two Futuros displayed by pharmaceutical giant Bayer at the 1969 Hanover Fair (one of the videos - the second - can be found below along with stills from both).

One of the units displayed at the 1969 Fair was Futuro 13 (see the 3/2008 issue of Architektur & Wohnen among other sources) and the second was gifted to Charles Wilp, moved to Düsseldorf and ultimately demolished.

Marko Home tells us that the written, non-published memoirs of the Polykem CEO Ensiö Söderström do indicate that Futuro #13 was transported to the East Berlin amusement park from Finland in 1969. There is however no mention of a "stop" at the Hanover Fair but that does not preclude that being the case and there is enough evidence of that "stop" to convince us that it did occur.

Bayer Futuros - Hanover Fair 1969 - Video Still -

Bayer Futuros - Hanover Fair 1969 - Video Still -

Update 111216

This photo, by gotam, appeared on Instagram 110616. The interesting thing about the photo for us was that though (with hindsight) we should have recognized it as this Futuro (in particular the height of the support legs, the entrance steps structure and the color and apparent condition should have given it away) for a little while we were thinking this was a "new" location. However gotam did subsequently confirm this as being a photo of the Berlin Futuro taken from the "back".

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - gotam On Instagram - 110616

Update 060416

Yves Buysse has made many contributions to these pages. This time around Yves shared the photos below which were taken 051416 during a visit to Berlin along with a few links to other items. Thanks Yves!

As with other photos these illustrate the exceptional condition of this Futuro; owner Cora continues to do a superb job of maintaining her Futuro.

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Photo By Yves Buysse - Taken 051416 - 1

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Photo By Yves Buysse - Taken 051416 - 2

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Photo By Yves Buysse - Taken 051416 - 3

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Photo By Yves Buysse - Taken 051416 - 4

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Photo By Yves Buysse - Taken 051416 - 5

These two videos shot at Spreepark both include brief glimpses of the Futuro during its time at the park. In the first video the Futuro appears at around 7:31 and 8:50 and in the second at around 2:28 and 8:08. The first video was shot 102992 and the second 050192.

The following photos are all from owner Cora Geißler's Facebook page "Futuro Haus"; hope you do not mind us sharing them here Cora!

These first two photos date from "way back" with the first giving us a glimpse of the interior of the Futuro complete with DJ from the days when the Futuro served as base for the park's radio broadcasts and the second providing a great external view of the Futuro at the time (the original images are low res so forgive the grainy appearance).

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Spreepark - Interior With DJ - Cora Facebook Timeline

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Spreepark 1968 - Cora Facebook Timeline

This great photo shows Futuro 13 on a barge on the Spree making its way to its current location.

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Futuro 13 On A Barge - Cora Facebook Timeline

The photos below all date from 2013 and show restoration work being undertaken. Cora posted the first two photos to Facebook 022513 and the other three on 080113; not sure if they all date from the same "project".

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Restoration Photos - Cora Facebook Timeline Posted 022513 - 1

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Restoration Photos - Cora Facebook Timeline Posted 022513 - 2

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Restoration Photos - Cora Facebook Timeline Posted 080113 - 1

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Restoration Photos - Cora Facebook Timeline Posted 080113 - 2

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Restoration Photos - Cora Facebook Timeline Posted 080113 - 3

Finally we were interested to see Futuro 13 appear on Yelp of all places recently courtesy of Dietmar K.

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Yelp - Dietmar K. - 1

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Yelp - Dietmar K. - 2

Update 100415

The photo below was taken by Elke Hanisch on 092715 (Elke's original post can be found here). The photo is particularly interesting in that it clearly shows a modified window that can be (and is) opened. We do not recall noticing this feature in previous photos (though our memory is not the most reliable so there are probably such photos that we simply do not recall).

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Photo By elke_hanisch Shot 092715

Update 040914

ABC Australia's Radio National program Sounds Like Radio is broadcast Sunday's at 3:00 PM and 8:00 PM. The 040614 edition of the program featured an extended segment on Spreepark.

While the program was largely about the park in general, the owner's family and their troubles with drugs and the law and the demise of the park Cora Geißler, current owner of the Berlin Futuro, was interviewed for the program and there is a two minute section of audio featuring Cora staring at 8:36. Cora talks in general about the Futuro and also reminisces about its time at Spreepark. She recounts how the Futuro was "home" to the DJ who played the music that was piped throughout the park. The Futuro also became the meeting point for lost children and their parents. Cora tells us that at times the DJ could barely keep up with keeping the music going as so many kids "claimed" to be lost so they could be taken to the Futuro and see the inside.

You can access the audio by going to the Sounds Like Radio page. If you are using an older browser or have trouble getting the audio to play you can access an MP3 file here (click to stream the MP3 to whatever player you have configured or right click to get options to save to your local machine).

Update 031514

This week we added a copy of the 051203 issue (46/03) of German architecture publication Bauwelt to our collection. The magazine contains a four page article on the Futuro House and in particular the Berlin Futuro. The magazine is in German so we cannot read it (one more on the list of things to get translated at some point) but among other photos and diagrams it contains the two photographs below (by Torsten Seidel) which capture the awesome interior of this Futuro as it was at the time.

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Bauwelt Issue 46/03 051203

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Bauwelt Issue 46/03 051203

Also this past week we were sent the photo below - thanks Yves - we did not know which Futuro it was. In a subsequent email Yves pointed out similarities between the height of construction and the trees seen in the photo and in some of the photos of the Futuro at Spreepark and suggested this was perhaps the Berlin Futuro at Spreepark (looking at the apparent age of the photo likely at a time around its arrival at the site).

We knew we had seen the photo before but could not place it and so we began a search through the hundreds of links we have bookmarked since we became the "Futuro Nerds" that we are; we eventually found it on accompanying an article on the Berlin Futuro. This strongly suggests this is indeed an early photo of the Berlin Futuro.

Futuro, Berlin, Germany? Old Photo From

Update 010414

Sarah Beddington is a British artist and filmmaker; her film "Futuro 13" is an "art film" which features Futuro 13. An excerpt from the file is embedded below; it can also be accessed on Vimeo here.

While we have to confess we are not particularly "arty" individuals we did enjoy this excerpt which, given the accompanying sound track, is strangely haunting; in particular we find the section showing a barge passing by on the Spree as seen from inside the Futuro interesting. Footage starting around the 4 minute mark featuring the Futuro being hoisted by crane for its move from one location on the bank of the Spree to a second location is also rather cool. A screen capture from this section which makes an excellent still shot is also below.

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Still From Sarah Beddingtons Futuro 13

Update 111613

Achim Breiling who has made many a contribution to these pages recently visited Berlin and this Futuro (around 111313); a series of photographs he took during his visit are displayed below.

Achim tells us that the Futuro is situated on the grounds of the ex-GDR Funkhaus Berlin (German - Google translation to English here) and not at Siedlung Wilhelmstrand which is right next the Funkhaus. He goes on to recount how he did in fact first go to Siedlung Wilhelmstrand:

"which is a collection of little gardens and small weekend houses (allotment garden?) and walked near the position of the Futuro, judged from the google satellite view pictures. There was a little road that seemed to pass by the supposed position of the Futuro. The path followed a fence (which I found out separates the Funkhaus area from the allotment) and ended at the river (Spree), at a private boat landing, also locked by a fence and a fence door. Well, then I saw the Futuro, which was some 50 meters on the other side of the Funkhaus fence, behind some trees. That was the nearest one could get to the Futuro from that side. The fence was old and could be moved at one point, and it looked, as if somebody had used that to enter before, but I decided not to enter that way or climb the fence. I rather opted for the official way and walked up to the entrance of the Funkhaus on the other side of the lot in Nalepastraße. Most part of the Funkhaus area looked pretty abandoned, ruined and in bad shape, with partly demolished buildings and overgrown streets."

At the entrance Achim found a doorman who, when asked if it was possible to visit the Futuro, apologized and said that he had been instructed not to let anyone in as the owner was worried about the Futuro being damaged. During the conversation the doorman also mentioned that the Futuro was about to be renovated.

Since he was unable to actually visit the Futuro Achim took a ferry across the river and then walked to a position on the far bank of the river opposite the Futuro from where he was able to take some nice photographs. The Futuro appeared to be in relatively good shape. At the time the Futuro was partially covered; perhaps to get in ready for the winter or maybe in preparation for renovations. During the time Achim was there a man starting working on positioning the cover as seen in one of the photographs.

So at least for the moment it seems the Futuro is somewhat hidden on the grounds of the Funkhaus and is not accessible by the public with no way to get close without permission (or a boat).

As a result of this information from Achim we have revised the address information for the Futuro; it seems the correct address is Nalepastraße 18-50, 12459, Berlin, Germany.

Many thanks for sharing your information and photographs Achim.

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Achin Breiling 111313 1

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Achin Breiling 111313 2

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Achin Breiling 111313 3

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Achin Breiling 111313 4

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Achin Breiling 111313 5

This was the closest Achim was able to get to the Futuro without entering private property.

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Achin Breiling 111313 6

Update 081813

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Spreepark - bestuff.comAchim Breiling recently sent us a link to one of the four photos below that show the Berlin Futuro during its time at Spreepark. That prompted us to look for more old photos. You would think that with the Futuro being at a family entertainment park there would be lots of photos on the web - "family day trips" usually generate a lot of photos - the photos here are among the surprisingly few we were able to find.

The photo top right is from - the page is annotated as "created by" nemoflow but we are not sure if this means the photo was taken by nemoflow or uploaded by nemoflow. If you are the owner of this photo please contact us so we can provide appropriate attribution.

The four photos below are (top to bottom, left to right):
Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Spreepark - Augustina Woodgate

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Spreepark - Wikipedia

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Spreepark -

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Spreepark -

Update 081713

The Berlin Futuro has been used as a set in a German TV show. The TV show is "Terra Max", an educational show for children. A little information about the show can be found on the website (German | English translation by Google Translate here). A couple of photos from the web page are shown below along with a pair of videos; all of these show the Futuro as seen in the TV show.

Google Translate is a great tool but even with that it is not always easy to accurately interpret websites in languages you do not speak. In this case Achim Breiling, who does speak the language, sent us some information about the show. Achim tells us that:

"(the show) is a kind of history program for children and features a boy whose grandfather has invented a time machine. In each episode they transport some historic person into the present. They ask him questions, show him the future and then we are told many things about this person and (his) time."

Achim goes on to explain that:

"they use (the Berlin) Futuro as the place where the time machine is located. It is the future house (in which) the grandfather, a kind of mad scientist, lives and works."

The Futuro serves as a backdrop for many scenes and the interior has been staged as the "mad scientist's laboratory". Cora Geißler, the Futuro's owner, works on the series as "Requisiteurin" (Property Mistress according to Google Translate) which could help explain how the Futuro ended up with its role in the TV series.

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Terra Max 1

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Terra Max 2

Update 081112

manuela.martin posted a really awesome set of four black and whites of the Berlin Futuro on Flickr. The images were taken 062412 (which becomes the confirmed date for this Futuro). These images are displayed here with Manuela's permission. Thank you Manuela.

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Manuela 1

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Manuela 2

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Manuela 3

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Manuela 4

Update 072212

Futuro 013 has been relocated to a position around 1000 feet south of the location we had previously reported. At the time we originally added this page to the site the latest satellite imagery available in Google Earth was dated 050406. Imagery now available in Google Earth dated 123108 places the Futuro at the new location. The latest imagery in Google Earth places the Futuro still on site at the new location as of 082010. Based on the same Google Earth imagery we can place the move somewhere between 050406 and 123108. This capture from Google Maps shows both locations (Green Arrow old location | White arrow new location).

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Locations Compare

This is a screenshot from Google Earth taken when the Futuro was still at the old site.

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Old Location

Finally this is a screenshot from Bing Maps 072212 showing Futuro 013 on the new site south of the previous location.

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Bing 072412

Original Information 091311

After a brief stop at the Hanover Trade Fair of 1968 Futuro #13 was located at Spreepark in Berlin. Originally opened in 1969 and then known as "Kulturpark Plänterwald" the park was the first cultural park in the then German Democratic Republic or, as it was better known to most, East Germany. The intention for the Futuro was that it would serve as the park's radio station - we cannot find anything that indicates whether it did or not. In 1989 the park was updated and a new operating contract was awarded to Spreepark Berlin GmbH in 1991. From 1989 to 2001 the park was known as Spreepark Berlin. In 2001 following financial problems the park became insolvent and shortly after being abandoned it began to fall into a state of disrepair.

The current owner, Cora Geißler, found "#13" in a junkyard at the abandoned site in 2002, purchased it and had it moved to its current location on the banks of the Spree where it is used as a vacation home (we believe - a blog post - in Italian according to Google Translate - described it as a "dacha" which is a Russian word for a second, or vacation, home - seems odd to find an Italian article using a Russian word to describe a German home but it's a funny old world sometimes).

In an article entitled "How I Learned To Love A UFO" Cora describes the discovery of the Futuro this way:

"Discovered I had the enchanted object in a walk through the deserted theme park in the eastern Berlin district of Treptow, in the junkyard of a former amusement park: an entity like a flying saucer of about eight meters in diameter, elliptical in outline and oval windows, in addition to high stilts standing, which also awarded him the impression of a lunar module.

I had discovered something special, that much was clear to me immediately. To rescue the idea of ??the fascinating object from its surroundings sad, since I did not go away. Could you make it into an ice-cream, with ice cream in the most vivid colors imaginable: wild ideas circling in my head? A cafe on the banks of the Spree, hungry for boat trippers on their way to Müggelseedamm? But one thing was quite clear to me: I wanted to save this UFO."

Note: the quote is a Google Translate version from the original German.

The article is well worth a read and not only speaks to Cora's passion for "#13" but also provides some interesting history, details of the move and some information about the restoration. The article ends by indicating that you can email to inquire about visiting the fully restored "#13".

It seems that there is at least one group of people who have ambitions pertaining to "#13". In a Huffington Post article Argentinean artist Agustina Woodgate, one of a group attempting to breathe new life into the abandoned park, indicates that a goal of the group is to bring the Futuro back to the park; bring "#13" home if you like. It will be interesting to see if they achieve this given Cora Geißler's seeming passion for the Futuro.

Several photos and a video can be found below.

First up is a short video taken from a boat on the Spree River.

We don't often use Bing Maps but on this occaision since there was no Street View in Google Maps we took a look. There was actually a really nice "Bird's Eye" view there so we grabbed this screen shot.

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Bing Maps

These three photos are all displayed here under CC 2.0 license. They are by mompl, mompl and Schockwellenreiter respectively.

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - mompl 1

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - mompl 2

Futuro, Berlin, Germany - Schockwellenreiter

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