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The Futuro House was conceived by Matti Suuronen in 1968 as a "portable" ski chalet. It is an iconic piece of architecture and this site is devoted to documenting the history of the Futuro and the current status and whereabouts of the remaining examples. | Latest Site News & Updates

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About "Things Futuro" | Collection

Our interest in the Futuro House quickly became our passion for the Futuro House and eventually, perhaps some might say, our obsession with the Futuro House. We collect books, magazines, collectibles and other items that relate to the Futuro House in some way. As is the case with all collections it started off relatively small with easy to obtain pieces but over time it has become quite extensive and worthy of "Futuro Nuts".

The collection contains all manner of items from unique original pieces from the early days of Futuro through contemporary mass-produced items and everything in between. The collection currently (as of the date of the latest addition/update to this page) comprises 557 physical items plus 164 "digital" items (in particular digital copies of newspaper articles) and these pages are effectively the collection's "catalog".

Additional items can also be found in The Charles Cleworth Futuro House Archive and in several smaller collections and archives.

As is the case with most collectors we are always looking to add to this collection so if you have Futuro related items for sale or know of any Futuro items for sale please let us know.

A Few Notes Relating To This Collection
  • Out Of Date Item Descriptions: Item descriptions were accurate at the time collection items were acquired but may have become outdated since. In the event that information pertaining to an item has changed following the reference links in item descriptions will take you to pages where that updated information can be found.
  • Translation: There are a number of items in this collection in languages other than English. While Google Translate can be a valuable tool it is never as good as a true translation by a bi-lingual person. Such items will display a "Translate" icon. If you are able and would be willing to translate an item please click the "Translate" icon for that item to send an email requesting high res files for the purposes of translation. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. You would receive full attribution for the translation along with a link to your own website (or other website of your choosing) and you would also have the satisfaction of knowing your are contributing to the Futuro knowledge store here on this website.
  • Copyright: These pages contain photographs of various books, magazines and other items in this collection. Many of these items, and certainly the majority of the books and magazines are subject to copyright and the images are deliberately of a fairly low resolution and are used here simply to catalogue this collection and to provide you with a glimpse of what you would be getting if you chose to follow a similar path to us and purchase any of these items for yourself. If you wish to display any of this subject matter on your own website or otherwise use it please respect the publishers copyright and purchase your own copy.
  • Amazon Links: These pages are not aimed at advertising and we are not trying to sell you anything. However, there are expenses with keeping up a website such as this and we spend a great deal of time researching and trying to maintain this site as the most up to date and complete Futuro House resource on the web. So if, and only if, you already intend to purchase for yourself something we have in this collection please consider using the links provided here to do so if the price is right (we strongly suggest exploring other online retailers as well before making a purchase; most of the links here are to Amazon and while their prices are almost always competitive they are not always the cheapest). Doing this will not increase your cost but it will earn us a small (and it is small) commission on the sale that will be put towards our recurring web hosting costs. You know what the proverbial "they" say - every little helps!
  • Item Loans: We have in the past loaned items to institutions for various exhibitions (details here) and, on a case by case basis, are prepared to do so again in the future. If you are interested in such a loan please contact us with details of the Institution and/or Exhibition making the inquiry, the dates the items would be required and which items you are interested in displaying.
Sections Of The Collection

Magazines A-B

Listed below are magazines (titles A-B) related to Futuro included in this collection.

Latest Update(s)/Addition(s) ***
  1. 25 Underbara Hem | Issue #2 2010 | Swedish | Purchased 092117
  2. American Home | September 1969 Issue | Purchased 120712
  3. Anna | 082669 Issue | Finnish | Purchased 061518
  4. Apu | 1968/#38 | 20 September 1968 Issue | Finnish | Purchased 082813
  5. Apu | 1969/#49 | 5 December 1969 Issue | Finnish | Purchased 082813
  6. Apu | 2012/#23 | 06 July 2012 Issue | Finnish | Purchased 100319
  7. Architect | December 2015 Issue | Purchased 122815
  8. Architect Victoria | Autumn 2010 Issue | Purchased 030419
  9. Architectural Digest France | #106 | Feb-Mar 2012 | French | Purchased 102721
  10. Architecture From Scandinavia | Issue 1 1975 | Purchased 042115
  11. Architektur & Wohnen | 3/2008 Issue | German | Purchased 070616
  12. Arkkitehti | 1/1969 Issue | Finnish | Purchased 040414
  13. Arkkitehti | 4/1973 Issue | Finnish | Purchased 052017
  14. Art New Zealand | Spring 2019 Issue | Purchased 111419
  15. Arvoasunto | 2/2008 Issue | Finnish | Purchased 032118
  16. *** Atomic Ranch | Design Issue 2022 | Purchased 121822
  17. Avotakka | May 1968 Issue | Finnish | Purchased 022716
  18. Avotakka | May 1969 Issue | Finnish | Purchased 100914
  19. Avotakka | April 1973 Issue | Finnish | Purchased 061819
  20. Avotakka | 6/1975 Issue | Finnish | Purchased 011720
  21. Avotakka | September 1986 Issue | Finnish | Purchased 083117
  22. Baumeister | March 2022 Issue | German | Purchased 050622
  23. Bauwelt | #40/71 | 100471 Issue | German | Puchased 101415
  24. Bauwelt | #46/03 | 051203 Issue | German | Purchased 031114
  25. Bauwelt | #44/04 | 111904 Issue | German | Puchased 121115
  26. Bo Bedre | May 1970 Issue | Danish | Purchased 081817
  27. Вокруг Света | April 1985 | Issue 2535 | Russian | Added 070716
  28. Building Product Guides [Vacation Homes & Leisure Living] | #36 | Spring 1971 Issue | Purchased 030419

25 Underbara Hem - #2/2010 | Purchased 092117

TranslateThe Swedish publication 25 Underbara Hem featured a multi page article on the Åland Islands Futuro in its 2010 #2 issue. The article included a brief history and a series of photos.

25 Underbara Hem Issue 2 2010 - Cover

25 Underbara Hem Issue 2 2010 - Page 92

25 Underbara Hem Issue 2 2010 - Page 93

25 Underbara Hem Issue 2 2010 - Page 94

Anna - 082669 | Purchased 061518

Anna - 082669TranslateFinnish magazine Anna, published by OtavaMedia, describes itself as the "most widely-read weekly women's magazine in Finland". A multi-page article based on an interview with Futuro creator Matti Suuronen was included in its 082669 issue. There are no Futuro photos accompanying the article.

We have not yet had an opportunity to try to get this article translated but we will update this section if and when we are able to obtain a translation.

Anna - 082669 Issue - Pages 18-19

Anna - 082669 Issue - Pages 20-21

Apu - #49/120569 | Purchased 082813

Apu #49 120569 CoverTranslateIssue 49 (120569) of the Finnish Magazine Apu includes a four page (pages 44 to 47) article on the Futuro House. The article is accompanied by several photos including some excellent interior shots. Being in Finnish this of course is another article we cannot read and have added to the growing list of things we need to have translated at some point.

Issue 38 (092068) of Apu also contains a Futuro House article.

Apu #49 120569 Pages 44-45

Apu #49 120569 Pages 46-47

Architect - December 2015 | Purchased 122815

Architect Magazine, the journal of the American Institute Of Architects includes a single page feature on "Futuro 22" in their December 2015 issue. The feature includes a single photo and a short commentary.

Architect Magazine December 2015 - Cover

Architect Magazine December 2015 - Page 18

Architect Victoria - Autumn 2010 | Purchased 030419

Architect Victoria is the official journal of the Australian Institute of Architects Victorian Chapter. The Autumn 2010 issue of the publication featured several photos of the South Morang Futuro on the cover and it included a short article on the Futuro accompanied by a single photo on page 27.

Architect Victoria - Autumn 2010 - Cover

Architect Victoria - Autumn 2010 -  Page 23

Architektur & Wohnen - #3/2008 | Purchased 070616

Architektur & Wohnen - #3/2008 CoverTranslateThe German publication Architektur & Wohnen (or in English "Architecture & Living") included a nice multi-page article on Futuro in the 3/2008 issue.

The article is largely about the Berlin Futuro and includes commentary, some great photos, a little historical information and an interview with owner Cora Geißler. As is the case every time we see photos of Cora's Futuro we are amazed at its awesome condition.

Architektur & Wohnen - 3/2008 -  Pages 112-113

Architektur & Wohnen - 3/2008 -  Pages 114-115

Architektur & Wohnen - 3/2008 -  Page 116

Architektur & Wohnen - 3/2008 -  Page 118

Arvoasunto - #2/2008 | Purchased 032118

Arvoasunto - 2/2008 Issue - CoverTranslateArvopaperi is a monthly Finnish language business magazine with a focus on financial and investment news published in Helsinki, Finland. Arvoasunto, which Google translates as "Luxury Property" is a bi-annual supplement to Arvopaperi.

The 2/2008 issue of Arvoasunto includes an article on the Futuro that was located in Luumäki in the early 1970's (this Futuro is now located in Pöytyä). As yet we do not have a translation of the article so we have no idea whether there is any new information contained in the text.

Arvoasunto - 2/2008 Issue -  Page 27

Avotakka - May 1969 | Purchased 100914

TranslateFinnish interior design magazine Avotakka featured the Futuro House in the May 1969 issue. This is yet another item added to our growing list of items that we will have to get translated at some point.

Futuro #001, at the time located in Hirvensalmi, Finland and now located at the WeeGee Exhibition Center in Espoo, was featured on the cover and inside the magazine.

There is an article that includes several color photos on pages 4-7 and a second piece on pages 28-29 which seems to give details of the various features of the Futuro in three distinct sections; the stand, the shell and the interior. There is also a small advertisement for Futuro on page 71.

Avotakka May 1969 Cover

Avotakka May 1969 Page 71

Avotakka May 1969  Pages 4-5

Avotakka May 1969  Pages 6-7

Avotakka May 1969  Pages 28-29

Bauwelt - #40/71 100471 | Purchased 101415

Bauwelt 40/71 100471 - CoverTranslateThe 100471 issue (#40/71) of the German architecture publication Bauwelt includes an article on the 1971 IKA or "Internationale Kunststoffhaus Ausstellung der Welt" on pages 1596-1597 (and no it is not a 1600 page magazine, the page numbers presumably flow through multiple issues).

The article is of course in German so we are unable to read it; it is accompanied by photos of many of the structures that were displayed at the exhibition including one exterior and one interior shot of a Futuro House.

Bauwelt 40/71 100471 -  Pages 1596-1597

Bauwelt - #44/04 111904 | Purchased 121115

TranslateThe 111904 issue (#44/04) of the German architecture publication Bauwelt includes, on page 36, a review of the iconic book Futuro: Tomorrow's House from Yesterday edited by Marko Home & Mika Taanila. The review is a text only review; there are no accompanying photos.

Bauwelt 44/04 111904 - Cover

Bauwelt 44/04 111904 -  Page 36

Вокруг Света - April 1985 | Purchased 070716

Update 082016

We were recently able to add a print copy of this publication to this collection to replace the digital copy that we previously had.

Update 080616

We received an email from Len this past week in which he told us that there was little mention of the Futuro in the magazine other than in the contents section where the cover was described. That said that little section was actually very interesting as it described the Futuro as being used as a search and rescue station; a use we had not heard of before. Len tells us the section translates roughly as follows:

"On the cover: Soviet Union. The main Caucasian ridge. Dombai glade, which is also called "clearing climbers". It is at the junction of three valleys, surrounded by peaks Belalakaya, Sofrudju and others. The slopes of the mountains the glaciers comes down ... Here is the station control and rescue service. Experienced rescuers is always ready to help those who are in distress in the mountains ... Photo by our reader A. Chuprakova"

Many thanks for the info Len.

Original Information 070916

Russian Magazine Around The Wprld Issue 2535 April 1985TranslateВокруг Света or "Around The World" is Russia's oldest popular science and regional studies journal and, with a couple of breaks (1918-1927 & 1941-1945) has been published continuously since 1861.

The April 1985 issue, #2535, featured the Dombai Futuro on the cover. A copy of the magazine in .pdf format can be downloaded here. We have been unable to find any reference to the Futuro inside the magazine. Of course it is in Russian so there may very well be something we are missing.

Art New Zealand - Spring 2019 | Purchased 111419

Art New Zealand - Spring 2019 - CoverIssue #171 (Spring 2019) of the publication Art New Zealand which describes itself as "the major visual arts journal in New Zealand" carried a multi-page article on Futuro titled "Form Follows Fantasy".

The article was focused on the history and current status of New Zealand Futuros with particular reference to Nick McQuoid's collection of Futuros and the Warrington Futuro.

Photos/images accompanying the article also include, among others, shots of Paringa River, the interior of Craig Barnes' "Futuro 22", a floor plan and a couple of photos of the Futuro used by the Bank of New Zealand at the 1974 Commonwealth Games.

Both this website and "yours truly" are cited as sources for some of the information in the article.

Art New Zealand - Spring 2019 - 104-105

Art New Zealand - Spring 2019 - 106-107

Art New Zealand - Spring 2019 - 108-109

Art New Zealand - Spring 2019 - 112-113

Since this magazine came to us shrink-wrapped in mint condition and it was previously listed in this collection as a "digital item" we have retained the original imgages of the digital version here rather than removing the magazine from the shrink-wrap and photographing the actual item.

Atomic Ranch - Design Issue 2022 | Purchased 121822

Atomic Ranch Design Issue 2022 CoverAtomic Ranch publishes a Design Issue once a year and the 2022 Design Issue includes a nice little feature on the Futuro House.

The article includes a little general history (nothing new) and is accompanied by photos of Saint Ouen, the UK Futuro and the Pensacola Beach Futuro as well as a old brochure cover.

Atomic Ranch Pages 106-107

American Home - September 1969 | Purchased 120712

American Home - September 1969The September 1969 issue of American Home magazine contains an article about the Futuro House on pages 68-71 that includes some nice photos and continues with text only on pages 118-119. The primary photo is the often used night time shot of a Futuro at Philadelphia Airport under a crescent moon; pages 70 and 71 include some good interior shots and a floor plan.

The article is fairly typical of the early Futuro days; a rosy future and plans for significant production numbers. In this case the article reports plans for 300 Futuros to be manufactured before the end of 1969 and goes on to quote Leonard Fruchter, head of the Futuro Corporation of Philadelphia, as indicating that production for 1970 was expected to be 10,000 units. As we know those plans never came to pass.

The article includes some interesting details about costs over and above the standard $10,000 for a shell and $14,000 for a furnished unit. It adds some details on estimated shipping costs reporting that road transportation could be expected to cost $500 to $700 per 500 miles with air transport pushing the numbers up to a hefty $1000 per 100 miles though that could be expected to fall at the end of the Vietnam war when a large number of pilots and helicopters would return to civilian use. The lifespan of a Futuro is estimated at 30 years.

In among the facts and positive aspects of the Futuro the article also reports on some of the commonly reported negatives; among them doubts about the suggestion that a Futuro could accommodate eight people, the article suggests four was more reasonable, observations on the lack of storage space and inadequacies of the bathroom facilities.

All in all an interesting article and a nice addition to a Futuro collection.

American Home Magazine September 1969 Pages 68-69

American Home Magazine September 1969 Pages 70-71

Apu - #38/092068 | Purchased 082813

Apu #38 092068 CoverTranslateFuturo #001 was owned by TV celebrity Matti Kuusla and located in Hirvensalmi, Finland. The Futuro is now fully restored and on display to the public during the summer months at the WeeGee Exhibition Center in Espoo, Finland. See the WeeGee Futuro page for more information on Futuro #001.

Issue 38 (092068) of the Finnish Magazine Apu included a four page feature on Matti Kuusla and his Futuro on pages 42 to 45; Kuusla and his Futuro also feature on the cover of the magazine. The feature includes both exterior and interior photos including one rather cool photo showing Kuusla on the steps of the Futuro that we have never seen before. The magazine is in Finnish so we cannot read the article - another one on the list to get translated sometime.

Issue 49 (120569) of Apu also featured an article about the Futuro.

Apu #38 092068 Pages 42-43

Apu #38 092068 Pages 44-45

Apu - #23/070712 | Purchased 100319

TranslateIssue #23/2012 (100319) of the Finnish Magazine Apu includes a very brief article on the Futuro. The article is accompanied by a single photo of Futuro #001. Being in Finnish this of course is another article we cannot read and so we have added it to an ever growing list of things we need to have translated at some point (though given the timing we believe it likely the article refers to Futuro #001's recent - at the time of publication - arrival at the WeeGee Exhibition Center).

Apu #23/2012 Cover

Apu #23/2012 Page 55

Architecture From Scandinavia - 1975 | Purchased 042115

Architecture From Scandinavia 1 1975 CoverAnnual magazine Design from Denmark was launched by publisher Kirsten Bjerregaard in 1967. The following year the publication was renamed Design from Scandinavia.

Issue 3 of the publication included a short article on the Futuro with text in three languages including English and several photographs including one very oft published photo of the Hirvensalmi Futuro (now at the WeeGee Exhibition Center).

Architecture from Scandinavia, also edited by Kirsten Bjerregaard, was a "sister" publication from the Danish publishing house World Pictures. This is a copy of issue 1 of Architecture From Scandinavia which was published (according to in 1975.

An insert at the front of the magazine indicates this copy was actually one of a limited complimentary distribution presumably designed to "market" the new publication.

The magazine text is English, Danish, French and German and pages 82-83 feature a very short article on Oy Polykem AB. The article is accompanied by a photo of the Hirvensalmi Futuro (now of course at the WeeGee Exhibition Center) along with photos of the Casa Finlandia CF-10 Kiosk, CF-45 Venturo and CF-100 Service Station.

Architecture From Scandinavia 1 1975 Pages 82-83

Arkkitehti - #1/1969 | Purchased 040414

TranslateOn page 60 of Issue 1/1969 of the prestigious and long published (since 1903) publication Arkkitehti (or The Finnish Architectural Review) there is a short section on the Futuro House accompanied by two photographs, one an exterior shot and one an interior shot.

Kauniit Kodit Issue 5 2012 Cover

Kauniit Kodit Issue 5 2012 Page 23

Arkkitehti - #4/1973 | Purchased 052017

Arkkitehti 4/73 CoverTranslateIssue 4/1973 of the The Finnish Architectural Review or Arkkitehti includes 2 Futuro related items.

First on page 10 there is an advertisement for the German manufacturing conglomerate Siemens that uses a Futuro photo and then on Page 46 there is a photo of the Matsulu Futuro during its time in Lahnajärvi.

Arkkitehti 4/73 Page 10

Arkkitehti 4/73 Page 46

Avotakka - May 1968 | Purchased 022716

TranslateFinnish interior design magazine Avotakka featured the Futuro House in the May 1968 issue. We had been searching for a copy of this issue of Avotakka for several years and recently we finally managed to aquire one.

The article is the earliest magazine article we have come across and is the earliest item of any type in this collection other than a couple of press photos from April 1968 which can be found here and here.

The article is in Finnish so we are unable to read it and as yet we have not had the time to try to get it into Google Translate but given the date and the fact that is accompanied by photos clearly taken at the Polykem plant during manufacturing it is reasonable to assume the text is also largely related to the development and early manufacture of the Futuro.

Avotakka May 1968 Cover

Avotakka May 1968 Page 48

Avotakka May 1968 Pages 44-45

Avotakka May 1968 Pages 46-47

Avotakka - April 1973 | Purchased 061819

TranslateThe April 1973 issue of Finnish interior design magazine Avotakka featured a Siemens advertisement on Page 85 that included a photo of a Futuro. The advertisement ran under the title, according to Google Translate, "A fully electrified house is a thing of the future."

The company was advertising the range of Siemens products available for use in the "modern house" and does not actually reference the Futuro in any way. Presumably the image of a Futuro was intended as a representation of the said "Modern House".

Avotakka April 1973 Issue - Cover

Avotakka April 1973 Issue -  Page 85

Avotakka - September 1986 | Purchased 083117

Avotakka September 1986 CoverTranslateThe September 1986 issue of Finnish interior design magazine Avotakka included a graphic of the Futuro House on the cover. We are not sure but we think the cover reflects significant articles that featured in the publication over a span of years.

We have not found any mention of the Futuro House inside the magazine but we have just scanned every page for photos. Reading through the whole magazine to see if the Futuro is mentioned in the text itself would be quite the task in English; in Finnish it is not something we could even consider.

Bauwelt - #46/03 051203 | Purchased 031114

Bauwelt - 46|03 051203 CoverTranslateThe 051203 issue (#46|03) of the German architecture publication Bauwelt includes a four page article on the Futuro House and in particular the Berlin Futuro.

The magazine is in German so we are unable to read the article but it is accompanied by some excellent photographs including a couple of awesome interior shots along with a couple of plans/diagrams reproduced from the Home/Taanila book Futuro: Tomorrow's House from Yesterday.

Bauwelt - 46|03 051203 Pages 28-29

Bauwelt - 46|03 051203 Pages 30-31

Bo Bedre - May 1970 | Purchased 081817

Bo Bedre May 1970 - CoverTranslateBo Bedre (Live Better) is a Danish language monthly life-style and interior design magazine first published in March 1961.

The May 1970 issue of Bo Bedre included a four page article on the Futuro House on pages 26-29. The article was accompanied by several photos including often seen photos of a Futuro being transported by a helicopter and of the first Futuro displayed in the US at the Philadelphia International Airport along with a floor plan and several interior photos.

Bo Bedre May 1970 - Pages 26-27

Bo Bedre May 1970 - Pages 28-29

Building Product Guides - #36/1971 | Purchased 030419

Hudson Publishing produced the publication Building Product Guides 6 times in 1971. The Spring 1971 issue (#36) was subtitled "Vacation Homes & Leisure Living". A section titled "Quick Quarters Anywhere" included a brief article on the Futuro House which included some general information and a photo of Futuro #001 which, at the time, was located in Hirvensalmi and is of course now located at the WeeGee Exhibition Center in Espoo, Finland.

Leisure Living - 1971 Spring Issue - Cover

Leisure Living - 1971 Spring Issue - Page 73

Avotakka - 6/1975 | Purchased 011720

TranslateIssue 6/1975 of Finnish interior design magazine Avotakka carried a multi-page article titled "1960 Luvun Lihavat Vuodet"; Google's Translation of that title appears like it might be a something of a fail as it tells us that in English the title is "The fat years of the 1960's" which just does not sound right.

Page 85 includes a single photo of a Futuro along with a very brief description.

Avotakka 6/75 Issue - Cover

Avotakka 6/75 Issue -  Page 85

Architectural Digest France - #106 | Purchased 102721

Architectural Digest France - #106 - Feb-Mar 2012 CoverTranslateArchitectural Digest is a highly respected publication that has been around since 1920. Along with the original and primary US edition Conde Nast also publishes a number of international versions including Architectural Digest France.

The Feb-Mar 2012 issue (#106) of the French version included a short Futuro article titled "Retour sur la Futuro" (or, according to Google Translate, "Return to the Futuro") on pages 58 and 60. The article is accompanied by photos of Futuro #001 during its time in Hirvensalmi and the Saint-Ouen Futuro.

Architectural Digest France - #106 - Feb-Mar 2012 Page 58

Architectural Digest France - #106 - Feb-Mar 2012 Page 60

Baumeister - March 2022 | Purchased 050622

TranslateThe March 2022 issue of the German architecture magazine Baumeister included an article under the title "Wie leben wir in 50 Jahren?" or "How will we live in 50 years?" which included some interesting conceptual artwork by talented artist Charlotte Talbot.

Charlotte created three cool concepts based around the Futuro House which can be seen in the images below. We love them all though we particularly like the last one (which we actually like so much we ended up contacting Charlotte so we could purchase a print for our collection of "Things Futuro").

Baumeister - March 2022 - Cover

Baumeister - March 2022 - Page 76

Baumeister - March 2022 - Page 77

Baumeister - March 2022 - Page 78

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