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The Futuro House was conceived by Matti Suuronen in 1968 as a "portable" ski chalet. It is an iconic piece of architecture and this site is devoted to documenting the history of the Futuro and the current status and whereabouts of the remaining examples. | Latest Site News & Updates

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About "Things Futuro" | Collection

Our interest in the Futuro House quickly became our passion for the Futuro House and eventually, perhaps some might say, our obsession with the Futuro House. We collect books, magazines, collectibles and other items that relate to the Futuro House in some way. As is the case with all collections it started off relatively small with easy to obtain pieces but over time it has become quite extensive and worthy of "Futuro Nuts".

The collection contains all manner of items from unique original pieces from the early days of Futuro through contemporary mass-produced items and everything in between. At the time of the latest update to this page the collection comprises 461 physical items plus 157 "digital" items (in particular digital copies of newspaper articles) and these pages are effectively the collection's "catalog".

Additional items can also be found in The Charles Cleworth Futuro House Archive and in several smaller collections and archives.

As is the case with most collectors we are always looking to add to this collection so if you have Futuro related items for sale or know of any Futuro items for sale please let us know.

A Few Notes Relating To This Collection
  • Out Of Date Item Descriptions: Item descriptions were accurate at the time collection items were acquired but may have become outdated since. In the event that information pertaining to an item has changed following the reference links in item descriptions will take you to pages where that updated information can be found.
  • Translation: There are a number of items in this collection in languages other than English. While Google Translate can be a valuable tool it is never as good as a true translation by a bi-lingual person. Such items will display a "Translate" icon. If you are able and would be willing to translate an item please click the "Translate" icon for that item to send an email requesting high res files for the purposes of translation. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. You would receive full attribution for the translation along with a link to your own website (or other website of your choosing) and you would also have the satisfaction of knowing your are contributing to the Futuro knowledge store here on this website.
  • Copyright: These pages contain photographs of various books, magazines and other items in this collection. Many of these items, and certainly the majority of the books and magazines are subject to copyright and the images are deliberately of a fairly low resolution and are used here simply to catalogue this collection and to provide you with a glimpse of what you would be getting if you chose to follow a similar path to us and purchase any of these items for yourself. If you wish to display any of this subject matter on your own website or otherwise use it please respect the publishers copyright and purchase your own copy.
  • Amazon Links: These pages are not aimed at advertising and we are not trying to sell you anything. However, there are expenses with keeping up a website such as this and we spend a great deal of time researching and trying to maintain this site as the most up to date and complete Futuro House resource on the web. So if, and only if, you already intend to purchase for yourself something we have in this collection please consider using the links provided here to do so if the price is right (we strongly suggest exploring other online retailers as well before making a purchase; most of the links here are to Amazon and while their prices are almost always competitive they are not always the cheapest). Doing this will not increase your cost but it will earn us a small (and it is small) commission on the sale that will be put towards our recurring web hosting costs. You know what the proverbial "they" say - every little helps!
  • Item Loans: We have in the past loaned items to institutions for various exhibitions (details here) and, on a case by case basis, are prepared to do so again in the future. If you are interested in such a loan please contact us with details of the Institution and/or Exhibition making the inquiry, the dates the items would be required and which items you are interested in displaying.
Sections Of The Collection

Magazines M-O

Listed below are magazines (titles M-O) related to Futuro included in this collection.

Latest Update(s)/Addition(s) ***
  1. Marie Claire Maison | #496 | October 2017 | French | Purchased 100417
  2. *** Marine News | Vol XXIII #2 | February 1969 | Purchased 060220
  3. Mobilisti | 2/2006 Issue | Finnish | Purchased 122815
  4. Mojeh Men | Issue 4 - AW14 | Purchased 091714
  5. Museo | Issue 4/2015 | Finnish | Received 121115
  6. N By Norwegian | #36 | December 2015 Issue | Purchased 122115
  7. Neo2 | #133 | May 2014 Issue | Spanish | Purchased 052314
  8. Neuf | #33 | September/October 1971 Issue | Purchased 122319
  9. Neuf | #54 | March/April 1975 Issue | Purchased 122319
  10. Neuvostoliitto | #347 | Issue #12 1985 | Finnish | Purchased 092117
  11. New Scientist | June 2007 Issue | Purchased 103012
  12. Nu: The Nordic Art Review | 1/99 Issue | Purchased 101212
  13. Odda | Issue #12 | Unexpected Perceptions - Spring/Summer 2017 | Purchased 041517
  14. Off Black Magazine | The Man Made Issue | Purchased 061716
  15. Ohio Magazine | August 2016 Issue | Purchased 081216
  16. Our State Magazine | May 2015 Issue | Purchased 050415
  17. Owl Magazine | November 2006 Issue | Purchased 030419

Marie Claire Maison - #496/Oct 2017 | Purchased 100417

TranslateThe October 2017 issue (#496) of the French design publication Marie Claire Maison included an article on Utopie Plastic, an exhibition at la Friche de l'Escalette (a site on the French coast south of Marseille, France) that included, among several other structures, the display of the Futuro previously located in Mallorca and now located in Paris.

The article was accompanied by a several photos that included both exterior and interior shots of the Futuro.

Marie Claire Maison Issue 496 October 2017 - Cover

Marie Claire Maison Issue 496 October 2017 -  Page 80

Mojeh Men - #4/Autumn-Winter 2014 | Purchased 091714

MojehMOJEH Magazine describes itself as a:

"... bi-monthly high fashion publication, based in Dubai, with a decadent showroom in the iconic Burj Khalifa."

MOJEH also publishes, less frequently, MOJEH Men and the Autumn/Winter 2014 issue of MOJEH Men includes a two page article on the Futuro House. Contributors to the article include Mika Taanila, director of the film Futuro - A New Stance for Tomorrow, Craig Barnes, owner of the UK Futuro, and ourselves.

Photographs accompanying the article include one of the Dombai Futuro, one of Charles Wilp's Futuro and two of Pöytyä (taken by us during our visit to Pöytyä on 071014).

A pdf of this article can be accessed here.

Mojeh Men - Issue AW14 - Pages 30 & 31

Neo 2 - #133/May 2014 | Purchased 052314

TranslateNeo2 is a Spanish language culture and style magazine produced in Madrid, Spain.

In the current (at the time of writing) issue, #133 May 2014, there is a multi-page article entitled "Arquitectura Residencial Circular" or "Circular Residential Architecture." The Futuro House is mentioned briefly in the narrative of the article and there is a photograph of the Dombai Futuro on page 71.

Neo2 Issue 133 May 2014 Cover

Neo2 Issue 133 May 2014  Page 71

New Scientist - June 2007 | Purchased 103012

New Scientist June 2007 CoverOn pages 56 and 57 of the June 2007 issue of New Scientist we find a brief history of the Futuro House. Though rather general in nature and lacking in any real details the article is nevertheless an interesting read and tracks the Futuro from inception to initial interest and promising future, subsequent failure and then all the way through to its place in the world of the 2000's.

New Scientist June 2007 Pages 56-57

Odda - #12/Spring-Summer 2017 | Purchased 041517

Odda - Issue 12 - Unexpected Perceptions - CoverIssue 12 (5th Anniversary Edition - Spring/Summer 2017) of bi-annual fashion publication Odda is a "monster" of a magazine close to 2" thick. The issue is titled "Unexpected Perceptions".

It includes a 12 page article featuring Futuro #13 in Berlin. The article is not in any way about the Futuro House and there is no information relating to the Futuro House; rather the Futuro is simply a cool backdrop for a fashion shoot.

Odda - Issue 12 - Unexpected Perceptions - Article 1

Odda - Issue 12 - Unexpected Perceptions - Article 2

Odda - Issue 12 - Unexpected Perceptions - Article 3

Odda - Issue 12 - Unexpected Perceptions - Article 4

Odda - Issue 12 - Unexpected Perceptions - Article 5

Odda - Issue 12 - Unexpected Perceptions - Article 6

Owl - November 2006 | Purchased 030419

The November 2006 issue of kid's magazine Owl included a very brief mention of the Futuro House which was accompanied by a photo of the Danvers Futuro.

Owl - November 2006 Issue - Cover

Owl - November 2006 Issue - Page 11

Neuf - #54/Mar-Apr 1975 | Purchased 122319

TranslateWe cannot seem to find anything online about the French language architecture publication Neuf (which is subtitled "Architectures Nouvelles - Matériaux Nouveaux"). The magazine was published in Brussels 6 times a year. We have no idea if it is still being published.

The March/April 1975 issue (#54) carried an article titled "Maisons En Plastique Oui Ou Non?" (or "Plastic Houses Yes Or No?"). Pages 52-53 carry a series of small diagrammatic images of various structures along with a brief description; the Futuro is one of the structures included.

Given we do not speak or read French and a lengthy multi-page article we are unsure if Futuro is mentioned in any more detail elsewhere in the article.

Neuf 54 - Cover

Neuf 54 - Page 53

Marine News - Vol XXIII #2/Feb 1969 | Purchased 060220

Marine News CoverMarine News is the monthly Journal of the World Ship Society; it has been around since 1946.

The February 1969 issue of the publication (Vol XXIII, #2) included an article titled "Finnpartner and Finnfocus 68".

The article includes (not surprisingly given the title and primary subject matter of the publication) a lot of technical details relating to the Finnpartner but it does also contain a little information about the Finnfocus exhibition and about the Futuro in particular.

Interestingly despite the fact that by the time of publication the name "Futuro House" had become the widely accepted and used name for Suuronen's iconic creation the article uses the term "Casa Futura" for the structure which is describes as "a new style weekend cottage of the future".

The article is accompanied by a rather nice photo of the Finnpartner with "Futuro 002" clearly visible on the upper deck.

Marine News - Page 40

Marine News - Page 41

Mobilisti - #2/2006 | Purchased 122815

Mobilisti - 2/2006 - CoverTranslateThe 2/2006 issue of Finnish automotive magazine Mobilisti included a two page feature on the collection of which the Kauhava Futuro is a part. That very impressive collection also includes two other Suuronen structures; a CF-10 Kiosk and a CF-45 Venturo.

The collection also includes at least one vintage automobile which might explain this article appearing in an automotive magazine.

Mobilisti - 2/2006 -  Pages 26-27

Museo - #4/2015 | Received 121115

TranslateMuseo magazine is published by the Finnish Museum Association and is distributed free at various museums around Finland. Issue #4/2015 of Museo includes an article on Futuro which includes an interior photo of the restored Futuro #001 located at the WeeGee Exhibiton Center and an interview with Futuro historian Marko Home and Futuro conservator Sammy Supply.

The Dombai Futuro is featured on the cover. Our thanks to Marko Home for sending us a copy of the magazine.

Museo - Issue 4/2015 - Cover

Museo - Issue 4/2015 -  Page 36

N By Norwegian - #36/December 2015 | Purchased 122115

Norwegian Airlines in flight magazine N By Norwegian featured a very short piece on Craig Barnes' "Futuro 22" on page 14 of its December 2015 issue.

N By Norwegian - December 2015 - Cover

N By Norwegian - December 2015 - Page 14

neuvostoliitto - #347/12-1985 | Purchased 092117

TranslateAs far as we can ascertain Neuvostoliitto was a Finnish language Soviet propaganda magazine. Issue 12 of 1985 (#347) included a photo of the Dombai Futuro on the back cover. There does not appear to be any mention of the Futuro inside the publication as far as we can tell.

Neuvostoliitto Issue 12 1985 - Cover

Neuvostoliitto Issue 12 1985 -  Back Cover

Nu: The Nordic Art Review - #1/1999 | Purchased 101212

Nu: The Nordic Art Review CoverIn an article on page 11 of the first issue of Nu: The Nordic Art Review Susanna Pettersson recounts a little of the history of the Futuro and reviews the Mika Taanila film "Futuro - A New Stance For Tomorrow".

The article is accompanied by several photographs; among them one of Futuro #001 during the time it was located in Hirvensalmi, a great shot of Futuro architect Matti Suuronen with a Futuro model and a rendering of the conceptual (but never brought to life) "Futuro Hotel".

Nu Pages 10-11

Off Black Magazine - Man Made | Purchased 061716

Off Black Magazine - The Man Made Issue - CoverLondon based publication Off Black Magazine describes itself as:

"... a biannual beauty, fashion, arts and culture magazine based in London. Here to provide a platform for a new generation of stylists, photographers, writers, artists and creatives to produce original and exciting work."

The "Man Made" issue published summer 2016 includes, on pages 90-91, an article titled "A Space In The Future" written by Victoria Spratt and featuring Craig Barnes and "Futuro 22".

Off Black Magazine - The Man Made Issue - Pages 90-91

Off Black Magazine - The Man Made Issue - Pages 92-93

Ohio Magazine - August 2016 | Purchased 081216

Ohio Magazine runs an ongoing feature titled "Roadside Ohio" which is self described as "Fun Finds from Across the Buckeye State". In the August 2016 issue of the publication this feature was a short article titled (at least in the print magazine) "Alien Abode" which featured the Carlisle Futuros and included input from "yours truly".

Ohio Magazine August 2016 - Cover

Ohio Magazine August 2016 - Page 96

Our State - May 2015 | Purchased 050415

Our State Magazine May 2015 - CoverThe stated mission of the North Carolina publication Our State Magazine (first published in 1933 as "The State"):

"is to reflect the beauty of North Carolina, to tell the stories of its amazing people and its remarkable history, and to suggest wonderful places to visit."

Following the "places to visit" theme the May 2015 issue of Our State Magazine features a two page photo of the Frisco Futuro and notes that it is the second most photographed destination on the Outer Banks.

Our State Magazine May 2015 - Pages 108-109

Neuf - #33/Sept-Oct 1971 | Purchased 122319

Neuf 33 CoverTranslateWe cannot seem to find anything online about the French language architecture publication Neuf (which is subtitled "Architectures Nouvelles - Matériaux Nouveaux"). The magazine was published in Brussels 6 times a year. We have no idea if it is still being published.

The September/October 1971 issue (#33) carried a multi-page article on the Internationale Kunststoffhaus Ausstellung der Welt (IKA) which took place outside the German town of Lüdenscheid in 1971.

The IKA featured a large number of structures and the Futuro was among them. The Neuf article, which spans pages 83-96, was titled "Allemagne Occidentale : IKA '71 Vivre Et Construire Avec Les Matières Plastiques" (or "West Germany: IKA '71 Living And Building With Plastics" and it includes general information about the IKA along with specific information and photos of many of the structures featured at the exhibition.

The article's "header" image is an often reproduced photo that shows the Futuro along with (in the foreground) Jean Maneval's Bulle Six Coques and (to the right of the Futuro) Casoni & Casoni's Rondo. Our collection of "Things Futuro" includes an original press photo of this image.

A little specific text on the Futuro can be found on page 91 along with a rather nice photo, one we had not seen before.

Neuf 33 - Page 83

Neuf 33 - Page 91

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