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The Futuro House was conceived by Matti Suuronen in 1968 as a "portable" ski chalet. It is an iconic piece of architecture and this site is devoted to documenting the history of the Futuro and the current status and whereabouts of the remaining examples. | Latest Site News & Updates

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Want Your Own Futuro House But Either (Like Us) Cannot Afford One Or Cannot Find One? You Have options!

A Remanufactured Futuro

Replica Futuro - Brain Truss Creative Structures

The old Greenwich Futuro is being restored and retrofitted and will then be used as the base for updating materials and fabrication processes to produce new remanufactured Futuros. The team is currently looking for investors to help get the production phase of their project up and running. To find out more visit Brain Truss Creative Structures.

A Futuro Model/Lamp

Wololow Futuro Model

Wololow is in process of producing this awesome and faithfully crafted Futuro scale model which also doubles as a very cool multi-functional lamp. The lamps have multiple color options and brightness levels and have a 12 hour battery life with USB recharging. To find out more about the lamps check out the Wololow website.

About The Home Of Everything Futuro

Futuro House - Royse City - Photo By TheFuturohouse.comMore accurately called Futuro Houses these 20th Century prefabricated homes are often referred to as "UFO Houses". We first came across the Futuro House around July 2011 right after we had started the architecture blog "Strange, Weird, Wonderful & Cool Buildings" and the Futuro House located in Royse City, TX, USA became the subject of one of our early posts.

As time passed we became more and more immersed in researching the Futuro House both from a historical and a current perspective. The early blog post grew into "The Futuro House Project" which was still in theory a "post" on the blog though it grew far beyond a simple "post" and the blog itself really stopped growing as all of our spare time went into our new interest (perhaps some might say obsession) and eventually we transitioned "The Futuro House Project" to its own domain

The Most Complete Map Of Futuro Locations AnywhereThis site has since become the most complete resource for information about the Futuro House anywhere with history, both general and specific to individual units, a large collection of memorabilia, books, magazines, newspaper articles and multiple document archives (here and here) relating to the Futuro, a constantly updated listing of all current known locations and a Google Map of those locations worldwide. We have also been fortunate enough to be able to visit several Futuros in the US, Finland and Germany (11 to date) and hope to visit more in the future. Think IFHDB (Internet Futuro House Database) the Futuro equivalent of the IMDB!

We strive for accuracy at all times but things do change as Futuros change hands and move from time to time and the history, much of it from long before the internet access to "any information any time" we are used to now became the norm, can be unclear, confusing and conflicting at times so sometimes inaccuracies do creep in. If you know of anything on these pages that is inaccurate or can add anything new please let us know. We can be contacted through this site's Contact Form or directly by email.

The Gallery

Known Futuro Houses

Googie Huts

Many websites and other media report the presence of Futuro Houses in Antarctica. Indeed when we first started out on our "Futuro Journey" we were of the same opinion and we added pages to this website for each of these units. However research later confirmed that the units in the Antarctic region are not Futuros; they are in fact "Googie Huts". For the record we have retained this content on the site even though the units are not Futuro Houses; more information on "Googie Huts" and the rationale for our decision not to clasify these structures as Futuro Houses can be found here.


Futuro World Exhibition 051518-TBD

In the summer of 2015 the WeeGee Exhibition Center launched an exhibition titled "Futuro World"; it ran from 061615 through 013116. The exhibition was located in "Studio Suuronen" (the old museum shop space - renamed - located in the lobby of the WeeGee Exhibition Center). At the time the WeeGee Exhibition Center website described the exhibition in this way:

"Studio Suuronen will feature the Futuro World exhibition, which showcases the Futuro house, completed in 1968, and its distribution across the globe by means of photographs, captions and map graphics. The exhibition will feature photos of almost 50 Futuro houses from various corners of the world. In addition, there will be some interior photos illustrating their different decoration styles."

As a part of the 2018 celebrations and events marking the 50th Anniversary of the Futuro the exhibition was relaunched as "Futuro World 50 Years" and was scheduled to run 051518 through 123118. However the exhibition did not end on the due date and its current "end date" is unknown.

A Flying Saucer In Town 060217-TBD

Following an official opening 060117 the Futuro previously located in Witten, Germany was on display and open to the public at "Die Neue Sammlung - The Design Museum" (The New Collection - The Design Museum), one of four state-owned houses belonging to Munich's Pinakothek der Moderne. Initial indications were that the Futuro would remain on display through 060318 but it has remained there much longer and currently the "end date", should there still be a plan to remove the Futuro at some point, is unknown.


Futuro Houses For Sale

Royse City On Sale?

Following a recent visit to the Royse City Futuro Instagram user @turtletop_g20 posted some photos and added that they had spoken to a construction worker who had told them "they're moving it to storage soon to put a parking lot in its place, and it's for sale! Just $20,000."

Interestingly the Futuro's Facebook page makes no mention of this. When you add that fact to the idea that the price, even for a shell, in our opinion seems to be too low we have some doubts as to whether the construction worker had the right information. That said we have made some inquiries and hopefully we will have a definitive answer as to whether this Futuro is on the market soon. In the meantime if anyone has any further information please let us know.

These units were previously listed for sale but they never "sold" and currently we are not sure whether they are still on the market or not.

These Futuro Houses have come to market and sold over the years this website has been in operation.

Greenwich Greenwich
New Jersey, USA
Price: $26,900
Auctioned 051314

Mallorca Calvià, Mallorca
Reserve: €50,000
Auctioned 053014
Sale By Owner

Nelson Stepneyville, Nelson
New Zealand
Price: $75,000 NZ
Auctioned 052114

Lorne Lorne
VIC, Australia
Price: Unknown
Ended 030616

Norrkoping Norrköping
Price: SEK 500,000
Auctioned 101216

Rockland Rockland
Price: Unknown
July 2017
Sale By Owner

Warrington Warrington
New Zealand
Price: Unknown
Ended 091817

Media Media
Price: Unknown
December 2018
Sale By Owner

Harewood Harewood
New Zealand
Price: Unknown
Ended December 2020
Sale By Owner

Norrkoping For Sale Norrköping
Price: Unknown
Ended September 2023
Sale By Owner

Futuro Houses Wanted

We currently have a list of people around the world that are interested in purchasing a Futuro House.

If you own a Futuro and might be interested in selling we may be able to assist in putting you in touch with the potential buyers. If you are aware of a Futuro for sale that is not listed here please let us know. You can contact us using our Contact Form or directly by email.

Original Polykem Molds For Sale (Please Note This Was Some Time Ago - Current Status Unknown)

We have been informed that the original Finnish Futuro House molds now available for purchase! The asking price is $150,000 ex works in Finland. The molds are being offered for sale by the current owner Mr. Jyrki Aho who can be contacted via email at

New Futuro houses manufactured with the original Finnish molds are also being offered; presumably only until such time as the molds are sold. Delivery timeline would be negotiated upon confirming an order and prices start around $200,000 ex works in Finland. If you are interested pleasecontact Mr. Jyrki Aho at

Original Futuro Molds 1

Original Futuro Molds 2

Original Futuro Molds 3

For more information and higher res versions of the photos of the moulds see the Concept, Design, & Manufacturing Page.

DISCLAIMER: The is neither the owner nor the seller of these moulds or of Futuro Houses manufactured using these moulds and makes no representations to that effect. While there are clear photographs which give an idea of the condition of the moulds we are talking a significant amount of money here so, if you are interested, contact Jyrki and do your own due diligence in terms of authenticity, completeness and condition.

Futuro Items For Sale

We have aquired a large collection of Futuro related items and memorabilia over the years and one way and another we have managed to end up with a few duplicate items. If you are interested in purchasing any of these please feel free to contact us with an offer. Currently available items are listed below and more details can be found by clicking the link for the item you are interested in.
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